Are You Mine?

Just your average cliche 'good girl meets bad boy' fanfiction. You can deny it, but deep down we all need a little bit of cliche fanfiction.
// So I started writing this on Wattpad but it didn't really get noticed because I'm just a little fish in a big Wattpad sea. I sort of feel like I actually matter on Movellas because I got 100K READS ON FFTE (my most popular ff) DJDJJWJRBF, so I'm going to post this here and see the reaction and if it does well, I might continue writing it :).


1. New School, New Crush

A/N: ahaha so basically i started writing this story back in 2014 (RIP) and i decided to carry on writing it cuz i realised really miss writing shit and I found this in my unpublished stories also i decided to name this ff 'R U Mine?' after a song by the arctic monkeys it's a good song and it's pretty jamming y'all should listen to it if you're 'not like other girls' lmao.



Chapter 1

This story starts in June of 2014 so Luke is 17

Skylar's POV

I was leaving everything behind. My friends, my home, my older sister. "I'm going to miss you, New York." I sighed, taking one last look at the airport.

"Come on Skylar! We're going now." My mom called out, impatiently waiting for me. I turned around and slowly walked on the plane, getting a better grip on my luggage. I sat next to my little sister, Cassidy. I let her have the window seat.

I didn't want to leave. I begged my parents if I could just move into my older sister's apartment, but of course, they said no. I didn't do good with hot weather, so I knew I wouldn't survive in Australia. Once we went to Malaysia, I got a heat rash. I didn't know those existed. And it wasn't just your regular heat rash, it was all over my body and it made my lips look pale, so yes, it was on my face too.




I sighed as I exited the plane. All these people walking around the airport had tan skin. "It's going to be hot outside, you better take off your jacket." My dad advised. I took it off and tied it around my waist. As soon as we stepped outside, the heat hit me right it the face.

"Better get used to this." I grunted. Cassidy didn't seem too happy with the heat either.

"Dad, why couldn't we stay?" My little sister whined.

"Because your mother and I are sick of living in the city. It's crowded and expensive." My dad answered.

"That's stupid." I mumbled.

"What did you say?" My mother asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Nothing." I replied. She rolled her eyes and we continued walking. Soon a cab came to pick us up. Just as we got to our new house, my little sister quickly ran inside, dragging her suitcases behind her. We had a pretty big house. It was definitely better than our apartment it the city. I entered our new... um... place that we live. I don't know how long it will take for me to see this house as my home.

"Where's my room?" I asked my parents.

They led Cassidy and I down a hallway. "Here. You guys can work out who gets which room." My dad said pointing at two doors that sat opposite each other on each side of the hallway.

I opened one of the doors and Cassidy opened the other. I took a look at the other room. Their sizes and shapes were identical. One had pink walls, and the other had green. Green, being Cassidy's favourite color. She jumped onto the neatly tucked in double bed, and started to roll around. I placed my luggage down in the pink room. Pink is my second favourite color, so I didn't mind having this room.




I woke up the next day. I have school today. I'm probably not going to fit in. I'll have such a different accent compared to everyone else.

I rolled out of bed. I opened my jewellery box that I had set up the day before. I replaced my nose stub with a nose ring. The left side of my nose is pierced.

I went through my suitcase that I hadn't bothered to unpack yesterday in search for clothes. I pulled out a blue floral crop top and some light blue denim shorts. I put my grey vans on and went to the kitchen. "Have you had breakfast?" My mother asked.

"I just got up, mom."

"Ok, well eat something or your brain won't work." She ordered. I sighed and took a yogurt cup out of the fridge. My little sister was already ready for school, as always. "Hurry up Skylar!" My little sister moaned.

"I am!"

"Maybe if you didn't bother putting on any make up, then you'd be ready sooner." Cassidy pointed out.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not wearing make up." I said.

"Then what takes you so long?"

"My body needs it's full rest or it won't let me get out of bed!" I explained.

She looked at me confused. I carried on getting ready for school. I got my black leather purse and started to pack my things. Spare make up, phone, pen, scissors. (I bring my scissors wherever I go. I know, it's weird.)




I walked onto the school grounds, nervous as fuck. I walked into the reception. "Name?" A lady asked behind a desk.

"Skylar Hayes." I answered.

She nodded and gave me two pieces of paper. "Directions to your locker, and your locker combination." She said before I could ask her what they were for. I walked out of the office.




I just finished the first block, and I survived. Now it's break time and I have no friends. I slumped to my locker and put one of my books away. A girl with brunette hair came up beside me and opened the locker next to mine. I guess my bright almost-yellow hair caught her attention.

"Oh my gosh. Is that color natural?" She gasped.

"Yeah." I said smiling.

"What is this color? I can't tell if it's blonde or ginger!" She carefully picked up a piece of my hair and studied it closely.

"It's called strawberry blonde." I giggled. If you've seen someone with strawberry blonde hair, yeah, I'm one those with the really bright kind of hair.

"Whoa." She was stunned. "I'm Lateisha by the way." She introduced herself letting go of the strand of my hair.

"I'm Skylar." I grinned.

"Are you new?"

"Yep. I moved here from America."

"I was gonna say, you don't sound like you come from around here." A boy came up behind Lateisha. He had blonde-ish brown hair and light hazel eyes.

"Who's this?" He asked.

"Oh hey, Ashton. This is Skylar." I waved. "Skylar, this is Ashton."

"Hey." He greeted. I was going to reply, but my attention suddenly got caught by a tall boy with blonde quiffed hair. He was holding hands with a girl that had dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin. I let out a sigh. "Oh. My. God." I said under my breath. Lateisha and Ashton looked at me confused. I felt my pupils growing bigger just by looking at him. They turned their heads to see what I was looking at.

Lateisha and Ashton let out a laugh. "Looks like Skylar has a crush!" Ashton cheered.

"He's hooooot." I gawked.

"Too bad he's taken." Lateisha giggled.

"By who? That girl holding his hand?"

"No. By me." Ashton said sarcastically. I laughed.

"Well, I mean, if she wants to go... I'll swing first. I'll fight her no problem." I shrugged.

"I wouldn't try her. She can ruin you in a day. That's Cameron Spark... the most popular girl in school." Lateisha explained.

"Of course she is. There always is one, isn't there?" I sighed.

"Anyway, what year are you?" Lateisha asked.

"Year?" I was confused what she meant by that.

"Yeah you kno- Oh that's right! In America you say grade instead of year!" Lateisha almost yelled.

"Right, I remember that now. I'm year twelve." I answered.

"Same as us." She said.

"What year is that guy?" I asked.

"You mean Luke?"

"Yeah, the guy I like." Lateisha rolled her eyes.

"He's also year twelve." She answered. "And so is his devious girlfriend. But I wouldn't waste my time trying to catch his attention. He's a bit of a jerk himself." She explained. I grunted.




What Lateisha said about Luke today didn't stop me from daydreaming about him. I laid down on my bed staring at the ceiling. I played with my scissors. I couldn't live without my scissors. I don't know why. They just come in handy. I grabbed my phone. Lateisha gave me her number today. I started to text her.

Skylar: hey, what's Luke's last name? ;)

I waited for a response. Then Lateisha replied

Lateisha: haha. why? u a stalker?

Skylar: shut up and just tell me

Lateisha: fine. it's Hemmings

Skylar: k thx

I immediately search him up on my Facebook app. "There he is. Luke Hemmings." I whispered to myself. I started to look through his page. I hesitated to add him as a friend, deciding that I definitely shouldn't.

As I scrolled down, I saw a post from two years ago that said 'In a relationship with Cameron Spark'. Even though I already knew this, my heart kind of sank. I then closed the app and dropped my phone onto my chest. I let out a huff whilst looking back up at the ceiling.

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