Don't remeber you....

She promised to always be their....He promised to always love her...but some promises are made to be broken....


7. Let's Hang out

Ice Queen's pov-

          "I can't believe Marshall Lee wants to hang out whit me!" I changed into a casual dress and got ready to see Marshall. 'He's the boy that's  ever been nice to me.' I blushed a bit at the thought and headed out to the park where we said we would meet.

Marshall Lee's pov-

         Ice Queen had told me she wanted to hang out today but I had no idea when! "Okay so then I'll wear this and take my umbrella for the sun." I tried to calm my self down and tell myself that I wasn't running late at all. I threw on my black high tops some old jeans and white dress dress shirt and headed out the door with my umbrella in my hand.  I smiled at my self and went off to meet the Ice Queen.  On my way out I ran into Gumball and turned my head away. "Marshall we need to talk." He said but I kept walking. "Theirs nothing to talk about now go home." Gumball wouldn't stop though as he grabbed onto my hand and tried to force me to talk. I yanked my hand away and glared at him. "I said theirs nothing to talk about. So go away!" I ran away before he had a chance to say or do anything else.

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