Don't remeber you....

She promised to always be their....He promised to always love her...but some promises are made to be broken....


8. Just Friends

Marshall Lee's pov:

                I walked to the park and searched around for Simone when I spotted her waving to me. "Wow you look amazing in that Simone." I smiled as she blushed a light shade of red. "You really like it?" I nodded and took a seat in the grass by her. "So what did you wanted to do on a nice day like this?" She giggled and took out a basket. "I was thinking we could have a picnic today!" I smiled at the thought and saw that she had packed up some red foods for me to eat!  "This looks amazing!" I told her and started to eat some of the food.

Gumballs pov-

             "I have to try again with him....I can't lose him....I don't ever want to lose him." I told my self as I walked back to my kingdom and sighed. On my way back I spotted his umbrella and got excited thinking this was my chance to sort things out with him at last. "Marshall for real we need to talk!" I called out to him but the closer that I got I noticed that he wasn't alone. 'Who is he with?' I asked my self and got closer until finally I could see it was no other then the Ice Queen her self. I held my tongue   and watched as things went on.

Fiona's pov-

        I was out with Cake looking for someone to go on an adventure with. As We walked we came across Gumball. "Hey Gumball!" I yelled out but he ran over and covered my mouth quickly. "Shhhhhh don't be too loud or they might hear us!" He yelled at me I was confused for a bit then I saw that Marshall Lee was on a date with Ice Queen. "What the blob!" I whispered harshly to Gumball and all he did was node. "I was shocked too."  I couldn't believe my eyes so I looked back at them. It felt wrong but I didn't trust her alone with him. Glancing at Gumball I could tell it bothered him too but not the same way it bothered me. 'So that's who you said no to me for....You love Marshall not me...' I thought and felt my heart brake a little bit.

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