"Put down the bleach. Your skin is not dirt that need to be cleaned out like yesterdays shirt. You are comprised of sienna, chestnut, and warm mahogany. Dark as the night sky, constellations tucked neatly under your bones. Your skin reminiscent of hot chocolate that warms winter nights. Like rings around a tree stump, you too have history etched into your melanin. Don't let the glaring whiteness blind you from the beauty you really are." ©


5. Calum



 As I emerge from the tour bus, I take in a breath of the crisp, October air. I've just preformed the last show of the last tour I'll ever do. Me, Ashton, and Micheal left the notorious band, 5SOS, after Luke took on the solo career. I swore if one of us ever left the band to take on their solo career, I would never preform unless they decided to come back. Micheal and Ash took in on that oath too. Its nice to see that they also have my back.  

 I stepped off of the bus and glanced behind me. I saw Micheal and Ash saying their goodbyes to Luke. I said mines the day he decided to leave the band. I knew that leaving us would be hard for him in the first place. I didn't want to see that hurt in his eyes. So, I just plugged my headphones in my ears and  pretended as if I didn't hear the distant calls of my friends when I walked off.

 I walked down the sidewalk of my favorite city. San Francisco was always so peaceful. Well sometimes. I pushed my hair back as I stopped walking when I got a text from Luke. 

 Lukey : "Bye Calum"

 Me : "Bye"

 I stuff my phone in my coat pocket when Micheal and Ashton finally catch up to me. I sigh and take my headphones out. Ashton smiles and looks ahead of us.

 "So, What next?" He asks.

 Micheal shrugs and looks at me "Calum?"

 I shrug also. "I don't care, Its whatever" 

 But that was a lie. The pure fact that I didn't know was killing me. We were all lost without Luke, and I knew that they thought it too. 

 As we arrived up at the end of the block, we saw a group of African American protesters. Usually I would just walk around them, but this group intrigued me. Their peace among the rioting police officers captivated me . Usually when I see rioting policemen, I also see rioting black people too. But I never see peace against violence protests like this one.

 I tapped Ash and pointed in the direction of them. He grunted "What am I supposed to do?"

 I rolled my eyes and shook my head "Just look at how peaceful they are." I smile before tucking my headphones into my pocket. "I'm going over" 

 I stared past Ashton, who was shaking his head so aggressively I thought it was going to fall off, at Micheal who was smiling back at me. He nodded his head and we both took off to see what was going on.

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