The tales of Harambe (kpop edition)

Harambe was a normal school gorilla, he was content with life. But one day, he met a boy, that would turn his life upside down. His name was Hyungwon. Hyungwon turned Harambe into his victim, he bullied him everyday; making sure his life was a living hell. But soon, their hate turns to love. But will the world accept the gayness and bestiality? Maybe the bestiality won't be a problem, because deep down, Hyungwon is an animal too.


1. Normal life (Chapter 1)

The young gorilla opened his eyes to his usual tree. His mother was roaring, angrily, for him to come and get breakfast. Letting out an annoyed groan, he fell out of his tree and crushed a meme. 

"I'm coming!" Harambe called out, crawling to his mother because he broke his legs.

Eventually, he got to the breakfast stump and contently consumed the souls of the damned. Once he finished, he got his school bag and rushed out of his house.


A short while later, he arrived at school. Entering the gates, he waved to his friend; Gerard the Goat. His only friend. But, Harambe did not care, because they were best friends. 

"Hey Koreaboo." Gerard mocked.

"Hey human embodiment of cancer." Harambe retorted.

They walked into their classroom as the bell screamed for all the students to come in. 


As everyone entered the class, a few students noticed the absent of Killer croc. That's when the teacher rushed in, with a tall, fish lipped and perfected haired human male on his heel. They stopped in sync and turned to face the class. 

"This is Hyungwon, he will replace Killer croc, since he has joined the suicide squad." The teacher announced.

Hyungwon's cold eyes scanned the class and his glare landed on Harambe; from that moment, he knew his life would not be the same.


~~~~~~~~~~Authors note~~~~~~~~~~


Sorry that 'Owner' has been inactive for a long time. I'm a close friend of theirs and will co-run this account with them. We both have been snatched by Kpop and have become meme trash, so enjoy this fanfic.

~ Ghost

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