Home is no place to hide

this is a story of a girl who has problems at school and at school but chooses to not show her pain and always wear a smile. This book with take you on a journey through emotions (if i am a skilled enough writer.) if you are triggered to abusive parents, cutting, blood, suicidal thoughts, and bullying please do not read this book


3. The Annoying Thing Called School

1rst hour was English for Kate, she walked in and took her assigned seat in the front of the class. Kate went into her backpack to find her binder, book, and pencil, but got interrupted by Jack saying "Great! I got four-eyes in my class" Kate looked up to see Jack and Ryan looking for seats to take, of course they took the seats right next to her. "Hey, four-eyes." Ryan said with a smirk. "Hey Ryan, did you manage to find a nerd that had money" Kate said with her teeth clenched. "yes we did, it was much easier than dealing with your sass" Ryan said while putting his hands on his and using a fancy lady voice. "Great" Kate said hoping they would move to another seat hopefully in the back, despite her hope they didn't move just got out their much fancier school supplies. 'Great' Kate thought to herself as she got out a pen, she loved to draw things on her arm in pen, it took her mind off things. It's like a tattoo just better it's not permanent but won't wash off easily. Kate drew on her arm to cover the scars she had. The last bell rang again saying sit your butts down and listen. "hello class, My name is miss. WiggleBottom. I will be your english teacher this year, you should treat me with respect since I am your English teacher. Now I expect you to buy this textbook that you will only be using 2 weeks this whole year. You must always have your homework done on time." Mrs. Wigglebottom said. Kate looked over to her left to see Ryan lip-syncing what Mrs. Wigglebottom said but with weird facial expressions. Kate then looked over to her right to see Jack was trying to hold in his laughter from what Ryan was doing. Kate looked back at Mrs. Wigglebottom searching through her desk to find some type of paper to hand out, probably the class syllabus. Kate sighed assuming this teacher was going to have a long list of expensive things she would "need" for this class. Mrs. Wigglebottom must have found the paper because she was again speaking about stupid stuff. "ok, so I have your syllabus. You will need all of these things to get you to an A. This class will be hard if you don't get these supplies that is this brand." Mrs.Wigglebottom said in her annoying super fake british accent. Mrs. Wigglebottom really should be a football coach/player cause she be big and tall. She could definitely take down someone if she really wanted to. She has black hair with mocha skin (i'm not racist i swear). She had hazel/brown eyes and she was wearing too much make-up in Kate's opinion but that's only her opinion. Mrs. Wigglebottom finished her very boring lecture about her expectations, and she gave us the homework of having our parents sign our syllabus. What Mrs. Wigglebottom doesn't know is my dad and mom hate signing stuff and hate having to talk to me more than they have to, so they told me I have the ability to sign their signatures i've never gotten caught before so that's good. The bell rings stating that Kate doesn't have to sit through this boring lecture anymore but you better be on time to your next class. Kate got up and collected all her stuff and shoved them into her backpack. She slung the backpack on her shoulder and headed out the door. "Hey Kate wait up!" Ryan yelled making me question why he was calling by my real name but i turned around nonetheless and waited for him to catch up to me. Jack was walking by his side of course. They both caught up with me and began walking with me to class. I was super confused until I realized why. I had choir next which meant i had a fee hour which meant that they could do whatever they wanted to me in that class. Ryan then proceeded to say " so four-eyes. Are you going to get us our money cause we need it for these school supplies don't you know." Jack just nodded his head glaring at me. "Unfortunately for you guys I won't be doing that. You don't even need half of the stuff on this list." Kate said while glaring at them. She then tried to hurry up her walking pace but she has always been out of shape and they are sport stars. They eventually arrive at choir. Kate then says "thank you for making sure I know where the choir room is but i got things from here." "actually four-eyes we also have choir next hour with Brad too." Ryan said smirking knowing he was annoying Kate. This was not going to be a good year for Kate at all. Luckily at choir Brad, Ryan, and Jack didn't bother me that much, it was probably because the three top cheerleader were there. The bell rang and Kate got up and left it didn't go as bad as she thought. The rest of the day she had no classes with any of them which was great. She managed to get teachers that don't give out much homework which was the best thing she heard all day. The bell rang saying the annoying thing called school was over and she could go home. The only problem was she was probably the one person who didn't hate school because at home was worse. Kate couldn't stay at school forever though she had to go home and face the nightmare that is her father.


(ok i'm thinking these chapters are very crappy so i'm going to stop here)

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