The Unknown *Casey's P.O.V*

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5. The Secrets Out

I woke up to the biggest headache ever so I went downstairs to get some water. I came down to find my mom doing breakfast and Scott and Lily at the table “Morning everyone” I said rubbing my head “Morning Case how you feeling?” Scott asked “Good apart from this headache” “Well maybe some air will do you some  good, want to go for a walk? I promise to keep you safe” he said smiling at me “Sure but it’s not like I can’t keep myself safe” I replied. Once I finished my breakfast me and Scott went for a walk. I like Scott he's friendly but I don’t see him more than a friend I mean don’t get me wrong he’s good looking but he's just not my type and don’t forget I have a boyfriend who I love very much. As we walked we talked about random things but most of all we got to know each other better. Shortly on we were joined by Dave who I also got to know more, I found it funny how they would tell stories from there childhood and how they connected with each other. I started to feel more better as the warm breeze came the air. “So at this party any of you meet any girls? “ “Well I know for sure Scott did there where all throwing themselves at you” Dave replied making me giggle “Shut up Dave it’s not my fault I look this good right Case?” “I mean I’ve seen worse but wouldn't say you’re all that” Dave laughed  “Oh come on Casey you know you want me really” Scott smirked “Omg just marry me already” I said sarcastically making Dave laugh more. “Oh Scotty you had no chance anyway I'm taken” “It was worth a try” Scott replied laughing.
(Cameron P.O.V)
I woke up and decided to go see if Casey wanted to go hang out so I went to her house to find the pack but no Casey and Scott “Where's Casey?” “She went for a walk with Scott” Lily replied “Oh and don’t worry he said he’ll keep her safe” She added while smirking. And just with that it got me pissed, she’s mine why would he keep her safe that’s my job she’s mine. All these thoughts of them being together went through my head and I got me angry so I thought I’d go find them and show him who Casey belongs too. I stormed out passing Nathan and Mason who just came they must have seen how angry I was as they followed to see where I was going “Cameron what’s going on?” “Scott that’s what with MY Girl, so I’m going show him what’s mine” I snapped at them. Once I got in the view of seeing the two I snapped “Oi what the fuck you think you're doing with My Girl” “What'd you mean we're only talking” “Yeah only talking so you promising to keep her safe is ‘talking’” “Dude calm down its nothing” “Nothing” that’s when the anger got the best of me I phased and went straight for him.
(Casey's P.O.V)
I was speechless I didn’t know what to say or do, I’ve never seen Cameron so angry. I froze in my place as I watched Cameron phase I couldn’t do anything. Cameron’s dark coloured wolf attacked Scott's brown one having the upper hand on Scott. All the other boys were gathered watching them when Mason came up to me “You should go get you’re Dad this is getting out of hand” I nodded and ran back to go get my dad, once I told my dad he phased and when to sort it out. I still couldn't believe what happened why would Cameron be jealous over Scott he knows we’re just friends. I hope they’re both okay I know they heal quick but that fight got out of hand. Not long after the boys came back in talking about how cool the fight was “Did you see the way he went for his neck I mean that’s gotta hurt” “Well Cameron definitely won, Scott didn’t get chance to fight back”. Soon after Scott came back with Cameron shortly behind, I ran straight to Cameron to make sure he was okay kissing over his face “I’m okay Baby I’m fine” he said kissing me back. I looked at Scott you could tell he was hurting, I felt bad. “Come on Scott lets go for a walk” Dave said seeing he was uncomfortable being around us, Scott got up and went leaving us to it. “I'm sorry Babe” I tell him once Scott left “Its okay Baby it’s just you’re mine” “I Know that now handsome” I say kissing him making him smile. I cuddled more into his chest knowing that I’m his and he’s mine which made me smile.
I must have dropped off to sleep as I woke up to Dave and Scott storming in “They know they saw Cameron and Scott fighting” “Wait who’s They” “Rose, Lewis and Cody and they’ve told Oscar what they saw” “Shit what we going to do?” “We’ll have to bring them here and have a word with them” My dad said. So Dave pulled his phone out and rung Rose to tell her and the others to meet him and Scott to bring them here. Dave and Scott left to go to meet the Rose and the others then Tyler walked in looking confused into why everyone was all here “What's going on?” “Your friends found out about us” I replied “What do you mean how?” “They caught Cameron and Scott fighting which got out of hand” Dad said “Also they’re coming here now so we can talk about it” I added. Tyler looked shocked hearing what happened and decided to stay to we what goes on.
Not long after Dave and Scott came back with Rose and her boys, everyone turned to look at them. “You must be Rose, I’m Sam” Rose looked scared, making me laugh. “What’s this about?” Oscar asked “You saw something you shouldn't have” my dad replied. Then Cody spoke up voice trembling “I’ll delete the picture we won’t say anything” making us laugh “You took a picture?” Cameron smirked “This is more serious than a stupid picture” I spat “Since you found out what we are you have to promise not to tell anyone, Otherwise you'll face consequences you’ll regret” My dad warned. “We promise we won’t say anything” Oscar reassured “Good” Dad said going towards the door “Play nice boys” he added while leaving.
 Everyone then went into there own conversations. When I noticed Rose and Oscar go up to Tyler so I thought I’d go see what was going on, “How does that work?” Rose asked confused “How does what work?” I jumped in “How do you become a wolf?” “Well if you’re luckily enough you get the gene, but as for Ty he didn’t”. “Do you have it?” “I don’t know yet but I hope I do”, “Anyway shall I introduce you to this lot?” Rose nodded so I took them around to meet them . “This is Cameron, My Boyfriend, That’s Josh and Nathan, over there is Flynn. Mason and Lily they're brother and sister and last but not least this is Dan” “Hi I’m Dan Nelson” he held out his hand making Oscar and Rose Laugh “What the Karate kid?” Rose asked still laughing while Oscar started doing karate moves “Danielson you're doing it all wrong” Rose said as she began doing karate moves making everyone laugh. Then my mom walked in “Hey Mom” “Hey Sweetie” “Meet my new friends” “My Friends actually” Tyler interrupted “Rose, Oscar, Lewis and Cody” I introduced “Hello I'm Emily” my mom said sweetly. Everyone left to go outside as my mom unpacked the shopping. I decided to go talk to Cody “Hey Code” “Hello” “So how you taking things?” “I'm okay just a lot to take in, I mean you guys turn into huge wolves which btw that’s fucking awesome” I laughed at how cute he was being “I guess it is pretty awesome” I say smiling Cody then pulled out a cigarette and started smoking, not going to lie he did look fit I mean damm. “Casey” Cameron called me taking me out of my gaze “Yeah” “Want come for a walk with me?” I nodded walking towards him. We held hands as we took a stroll through the woods “I Love You Casey” “I Love You Too” “Baby you're Mine and only Mine, I don’t like sharing” I giggled “You proved that today Cam and You're mine too” he smiled down to me and gave me a kiss, whenever I’m  around him I always get butterflies and  he makes me feel safe and happy that’s why I know he’s the one. We started to go back to the house still handing hand. When we got back I noticed everyone getting along which I thought was cool as we’d be spending more time together. As it got darker I said goodbye to everyone but Cameron decided to stay the night. I went to bed with cuddles that night.

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