My newest installment in my poetry compilation collection.


1. The Wind

The Wind


I turn the corner,

Walk down the road,

Carrying my burden,

My heavy load.


The wind ruffles my hair,

Tries to steal my jacket,

I snatch my coat back,

And try to ignore it.


I remember the time,

Where we used to walk together,

Down this street,

Braving the windy weather.


I used to hold the umbrella,

As we walked under the bridge,

So the wind wouldn’t take it,

And we sat on this stone ledge.


But I sit here now,

Even my shadow has left,

The wind still keeps blowing,

Never pausing in it’s theft.


It was nice at first,

On a hot summer day,

When we were running through the town,

We almost wished it could stay.


But then it did,

The breeze chilling the town,

Things were still okay,

The temperature just moved down.


But then the wind changed,

We noticed when it first stole your hat,

It flew away,

Just like that.


We thought it was fine,

The wind was just like that,

But now I remember,

When I visited your flat.


I picked you up,

We drove away,

Just like any,

Normal day.


We went to the ledge,

We watched over the town,

And watched in wonder,

As the stars came down.


The breeze ran past,

Cool against our faces,

But then I noticed,

How the wind had changed these places.


The old shop and the movies,

Both worn and tattered,

Our old school,

Was beaten and battered.


My house was pale,

The wind had blown the color from there,

Then the wind began to blow,

And it began to pull at my hair.


The wind howled,

It groaned and roared in the still black dawn,

The wind whipped my hair into my face,

When I looked up you were gone.


Now I sit here,

On the edge of the town,

Wondering where,

The wind has you now.


The wind whispers,

It speaks in my ear,

Don’t worry, I’ll be back,

And it leaves me in silence here.


Now In the silence,

at the edge the of town,

Where I used to walk with you

I sit here, looking down.


I wait for years,

I try to forget,

But still the scar remains,

And regret.


Then one day,

One the edge of the town,

I sit here once more,

Looking down,


I feel, a slight breeze

Run through my hair,

And then I know,


The wind is there.

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