Dark Dreams


1. Dream or Reality

I wake up the same way I've been for the past weeks, I'm not sure what to do about it. I remember the first time I saw her she was wearing a long white dress, her hair was long and blonde with brown roots, and she had a violet shaped tear necklace on. She's always reaching for me expecting me to take her hand, I'm not sure if I should but I do try to take her hand although I hesitate, as I  pull my hand back she lowers her head while asking "Why, why won't you stay here with me I've grown tired of being alone will you not help me escape my eternal solitude" then she started crying. I stood there watching her thinking of what I should do next once it came to me I started to reach for her as I was about to grab her hand she pushed mine away and said "Don't touch me I hope the next time we meet you'll help me till then I would highly appreciate it if you find a way for me to escape I have to go" as she started to leave I said "Before you go can you tell me your name" she said as she started to disappear "Call me Saella, I look forward to our next meeting Demitrix & when you wake up you might find a surprise goodbye" then disappeared and I woke up. While I was getting ready for school I saw a familiar necklace hanging on my door with a note that said 'Wear this' From Sae, I stared at the wondering who Sae was and how she was able to get this in my house. While trying to figure it out I grabbed the necklace, my book bag and keys then drove to school. As I was about to go in my classroom someone calls my name when I turned around I sighed when I saw that it was my cousin Olivia Mickey.

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