Forever summer

everybody needs to find jamie before he finds himself


2. why ?

White hot blinding light was all I saw when I woke up.

       A little old lady in scrubs appeared over me.

    " How do you feel hon , you took a real whoopin'  ", she says touching my face softly.

   I groan in pain.   " Oh ! dear , I m sorry , jaw pain , let me sit you up a bit mm'kay ", she chirps.

      Geez the lady was like a preppy bubbly old bird. 

i froze when i saw him sitting there , he almost killed me.   

 As my vision becomes cleare I realize its not him its ........  Dean.

    I lean forward slowly and with a pained grunt wrap my arms around his neck as tight as my stomach will allow.

he shudders pulling me close.

   "Oh baby , I'm sorry , Fuck I'm so sorry , I Love you okay ? ", He rasps , tears falling down his cheeks, his eyes turning red and puffy.

I stroke his face softly with both my hands.he sat straight looked me in my eyes. " your coming back with me to london , todsy and there is nothing you can or do that change that , Im at fault here ,  I was supposed to protect you love and  I did not , so your coming home , for good this time yes ?", I stared in awe as he said these thnigs to me  , no more Jackson , no more beatings , sounds like a plan to me. I would finally be rid of him or at least that is what I thought.

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