End it all.... ( Phan )

Dan and Phil have been have friends for the longest time. But what happens when they begin to have feelings for each other? Will it be to late after one of the has a "accidental" critical accident? Will they end up together, or will they be to afraid of rejection still waiting for the other, will they move on? Read end it all... To find out.


3. Chapter 3: Phil

Phil: I meet Dan in the kitchen making a bowl of cereal, he looks up and smiles. I return the smile happily, but I know that I didn't deserve it. "Morning Phil." "Morning" I mumble back. "Anything you want to tell me you look sad and in a lot of pain?" I shake my head no vigorously. He frowns. " I know you are lying Phil!" We have been friends for over nine years I can tell when you are lying! So tell me the truth!" He half yells at me. I am shocked he never yells at me. That's when I realize.... He knows I am cutting again.  I look down. "You already know why Dan." I mumble softly. I look up again tears forming in my eyes some already falling down my face. He begins to cry as well he comes over and hugs I here him slightly wince. Oh hell no!!! He can't get on me for cutting and to tell him about it when he is hiding it from me. I push him away. I look him square in the eye. "Dan..." I say my voice soft but firm enough to tell him I'm not fucking around. I looks down. "Phil you don't understand, don't take that tone with me." "Your not my mother either." Dan says. I shake my head. "No Dan you don't understand." I mumble loudly enough that only I can hear. "What?" He replies. I shake my head as if to say it was nothing. He just shrugs as if our mini argument was not to be heard of. This why we are best friends. But I wish it was more. I smile slightly to myself. I finials eat my cereal and go up stairs to the Dans computer to go edit yesterday's video. I walk up the steps quickly and quietly. I log on to the computer and start to edit the video. Fifty minutes later I had finished. I text Dan saying to come look at it to see if it needed any extra changes. A few minutes later he walks in and watches through the the edited version of the video and nods his head in approval. "Great job Phil, it's amazing." I smile proud because he actually gave me a compliment. He comes over and sits down. "I'm sorry for yelling earlier." He says. "Me to." We hug. I'm gonna go watch some tv, wanna join?" He asks me. I nod we both go back downstairs and watch some anime.

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