End it all.... ( Phan )

Dan and Phil have been have friends for the longest time. But what happens when they begin to have feelings for each other? Will it be to late after one of the has a "accidental" critical accident? Will they end up together, or will they be to afraid of rejection still waiting for the other, will they move on? Read end it all... To find out.


2. Chapter 2: Dan



   I wake up in the early morning. Wincing slightly I had cut my sides earlier this week they were still really sensitive. If I did my arms the entire world would notice considering I always wear short sleeves in our videos. I get up and out of bed, groaning slightly. I go immediately to the bathroom to shower I look at the clock in there. Four a.m. I shrug guess it's tumblr for a few hours for me. I look at my sides and un-bandage them after making sure the door was shut tightly and locked. I remove the bandages completely and re-bandage the wounds. I go to the bathroom and clean up afterwards. I walk down the hall to where Phil's and mine rooms are. Before returning to mine, I go check on Phil. I walk in quietly, I go over to his bed side and hear him since I see his sleeve rolled up and a white bandage sticking out. OH. MY. GOD. He started cutting again. Well so have I but I deserve it he dosen't he's to beautiful for that. Why paint scars on his self. I shake my head and feel warm tears begin to fall down my face. I stand up and go to my room. I get back In to my bed and underneath the warm duvet winter is so fucking brutal in the U.K. I go on tumblr and see a few fans and by a few I. A million and plus recommended me to read a Phan fiction. I opened the link and be fan to read it had over 500 parts. Well that shows dedication. I smile as I begin to read. After about two hours I begin to get a little bit tired so I go back to bed. I close my laptop and plugged it in for it be ready for me tomorrow. I lay on my side and  wince. But I ignore it I deserve it because of how much of an ugly faggot that I am. Sometimes instead of cutting I read hate comments just to get the feel of the pain and hatred. If it isn't enough then I give my sides another cut. I eventually fall into a the most pea full sleep. 

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