Temptations {Book 1}

Have you ever had the urge to do something wrong but it felt so good at the time? The urge of just something so evil but something so sensual at the time? The way he whispered my name made me think...
The way she moved made my heart want to sink...
The way he put me on the bed and fucked me to a goodnight sleep...
The way you feel when you budge to do something sinful but sweet...


1. Prolouge

Year 1


Judith Smith

Today was a good day for me. I was feeling good when I woke up. I sat on the side of the bed & stretched with a smile on my face. I was happy in love. My boyfriend name was Brice and Brice & I have been together for sometime now. We plan on moving out since I was already married from yesterday & I'm so happy. My mother knocked on my door and I looked up. She looked at me and I smiled. I was so happy to finally get my own place with my own freedom of my husband & I. I smiled at the thought of it and she walked in my room and sat beside me, with her arms around my waist


"Goodmorning Baby-Girl" She sung in sweet harmony. 

"Goodmorning Mama" I sighed happily

"Somebody's happy this morning huh" She said looking at me.

"Yeah. You can finally use this room for bible study now because today is the day Brice & I move out" I say proudly


She turned her smile into a depressed frown. I looked at her & she looked away. I ignored it because that wasn't going to ruin my day. She inhaled deeply.


"The truck will be here in about an hour. Breakfast is downstairs. Brice is downstairs sleeping so try & be quiet, would ya" She said rubbing my back then leaving. I sighed.


I knew my mother didn't want me to leave the country but I think that living in the country all my life and never experiencing anything else but God & the plantations of old white slave owners are over-rated. I mean come on. A young twenty year old girl like me should have some freedom instead of living in her mothers house, shouldn't she? I got dressed & I tip-toed downstairs but Brice was already up eating. He saw me & smiled as I fluffed my hair. 


"Goodmorning Sleeping Beauty" Brice said laughing and I laughed

"Goodmorning Ugly Beast" I said laughing and he busted out laughing

"You sleep good" He asked me

"No because you wasn't with me" I said biting my bottom lip.


He winked at me and then the truck was here. I made me a plate and the movers started moving in the boxes. I smiled and my mother started smiling and so did Brice. I cannot believe that we are actually doing this. After about a few hours, we are at our new apartment with everything set up. It looked so good but felt so bad leaving my mother in the country. I'll call her everyday but I have to focus on Brice and I right now. 






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