"Golden" Nights


2. Golden Freddy

"Fine!" Aidan may have said he'll leave but he plans back later to check. The guard sighs.

"poor kid, lost his pet."

Aidan sits back at the table and waits as the guard looks at his watch.

"In a minute they should be done" he said. Aidan keeps waiting before hiding so the staff assume he's gone so the guard walks off. Aidan goes back to the room a while later and looks for Mew. Aidan can hear her yelping but she can't be seen anywhere.

He decides that he doesn't want to attract attention by guards so he stays quiet and moves in the direction of the yelps. Mew whines and pulls on the strings as the puppet pulls her back, telling her to be quiet. Aidan hears this and moves further into the room until he hears a voice.

"State your business" Said Golden Freddy. Aidan was startled and questioned what the voice was as Mew hid from the puppet.

"Get back here" said the puppet picks up Mew and shoves her into a decorated box to stop her from getting away. "What...do you want? Why have you bothered me?" said the animatronic bear.

"Oh I- I'm looking for my pet, Mew." Aidan answered, still shaken from the encounter. Mew curls up sadly in the box.

"Poor you" the puppet says sarcastically.

"You come in here and disturb me. Because you're looking for a little mutt of yours?!" said Golden Freddy, annoyed.

"She's not a mutt! She's not like you!" Aidan said, defending Mew. Golden Freddy stays quiet for a moment.

"I'm not sure whether that was brave or foolish. You'll regret what you said..." he threatened. Mew tries to escape the box however the puppet wraps her up before she can cause any noticeable sound or movement.

"I should say the same to you!" Said Aidan, angrily.

"That is, if you can talk at all." Retorts Golden Freddy before he starts turning Aidan into gold, immobilising him.

"What are you doing?!" Aidan asks in fear.

"Putting your puny existence to good use!" answered the animatronic. The puppet picks up the present box and teleports over to Golden Freddy before dropping it next to him.

"Ow" Mew said before yelping

"Mew?!" Aidan questioned before he was trapped in gold.

"Much better silent, don't you agree, Puppet?"

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