I'm the Plant to his Human

I am what is commonly referred to as an φυτό άτομα. Which translates to an plant person. my name is Camilla Corpa from the family of north west Floral dynasty. Some people may consider me princess but I prefer to refer to myself as an everyday normal girl. Since tomorrow is my 18th birthday I must go out into the real world and find my match. It's tradition that once every φυτό άτομα girl turns 18 they must find there human match in two weeks or else they will turn back to a full fledged flower forever. But f we do find our match in the two weeks then we will be human . no pressure right......

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1. Chapter one- 17 years and 360 days

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name:Camilla Caro. Title: Princess of the Northwest Floral Dynasty. Parents: Marisa Caro and Ted Caro Days till release: 5 Match: Unknown Days to find match: N/A --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Five days till release, Five days till release, Five days till release" My stupid alarm kept on chanting.

I put my arm up to the scanner and the alarm finally stopped.

"Ughhh only five more days" I think to myself.

I am 17 year and 360 days old. You are probably thinking who the heck keeps track of how many day old they are. Well apparently i do since in five short days I am 18.

For most normal girls that means freedom, but for me its could mean the total opposite. I Camilla Caro am the Princess of the Northwest Floral Dynasty.

Which also means I was lucky enough yo gain the family trait of long wavy blonde hair ,deep rich brown eyes and a greenish tint of skin color.

Oh did I forget to mention I am part plant. It is tradition that on a plant girl's 18th birthday she would venture out of the plant kingdoms to find her true match.

This may sound all good and dandy when you are a sproutling. But when they give you a more in depth summary it sound crazy. Last week I was given that more in depth summary.

It consisted of something like this. When you turn 18 you will be sent to the kingdom where match is at. For example Jeanie brown last month was sent out and found her true match which turned out to be a section of grass. Not to be rude or anything but I do not want to get married to grass like Yuck!

After you are sent to your match's location you have two weeks for your match to fall in love with you. Or else you become a tree. literally a tree that is crazy and finding your match is literally impossible. why do you think there are so man trees now and days. I hope that my Match isn't something too weird I mean I can settle with a nice guy from the South west floral kingdom.

But if they try to set me up with a cow or something I'm outta here. "I can't think about this anymore today it's stressing my out already" I thought to myself I put my long blonde hair into an high ponytail, and get changed into my North Face hoodie and forever 21 leggings, and lastly slip on my black Nike sneakers

.Every morning for the past 6 years i take a quick five mile jog. Which is a habit I would like to keep even after I get matched.

I jog down the steps and grab my phone off the counter before I am out the door. I have been living on my own since I was 16 my parents believed it was better me to become more independent since my matching was coming soon.

Which ended me up in an old apartment building on north Daisy street and also included me meeting my befriend Tyler Reeds. If I had a choice I would choose Tyler as my match.

But unluckily or me that's not how it works. For guy flowers when they are born they are given an wife right away. Who would raise them take care of them then marry them. Totally gross right. Tyler was supposed to marry Lucy his future wife at 16 but he had it pushed back in till I found my match. I think secretly he just doesn't want to marry her like yuck an 18 year old married to an 30 year old that's just gross.

After I run out the door, I jog to Tyler's and Lucy's room. On the first knock Lucy opens the door. "Eww looking gross once again Camilla" Lucy says with true disgust "awe thanks" I reply to her walking past her to grab Tyler.

He is in his half of the house tying his left shoe. "hey you ready" I ask him . He is wearing basketball shorts and a plain t shirt and hoodie and the matching tattoos we got for each other. He has an small C on his wrist and I have a T on mine.

When I find my match I will never see him or remember him ever again, so it will be nice to have a small reminder of him even if I don't remember what is is in my new life.

Once I leave the floral kingdom I will have my memory wiped and of coarse my skin color will change to an more normal tint. "Yep" he says with a little bit of sadness lingering in his eyes.

"hey I have 5 more days lets try to make the best of them" I say he just nods in response. We both jog outside at an even pace. We both ran track back in Sprout High and were the best runners on the team. If there was an ninja warrior in the floral dynasty we we be the best tag team.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Author Note Hi everyone new story excited to write it!!!! need a cover and trailer thanks 

Cover credit goes to @fallenangel786

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