{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


25. 23

***Three months later***

"Ready?" I ask Ashton. He nods,holding my hand. He pops the black ballon above us and blue comes out. "Yeah!" Ashton says and Luke laughs. "ITS A BOY!!!!!!!" Michael screams. I look at Ashton,smiling widely.  "We're having a baby boy." I say and he nods and kisses me. "Who's last name is he gonna have?" Sophie asks. "Obviously mine." Ashton says. "It's gonna be mine too." I say. Ash rolls his eyes,then giggles. "What's his  name gonna be?" Lauren asks. I look at Ashton,who's looking at me. We already chose it. "Kyle Wiatt." We say in unison. "Kyle Irwin,I like it." Dad says. 

"Annddddd his name is Kyle Irwin." Sydney adds in the livestream we're having just before we release the album. I nod. Ashton puts his head on mine. "What time is it?" Sophie asks. "It's 11:58. Two minutes guys!" Phoebe says. "Can't wait." Sydney replies. "12:00!!! ITS OUT! See you soon guys!" Phoebe says. "Byeeeee." I say. Sophie waves and Sydney laughs. "Bye." 

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