{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


22. 20

**Present day**

**Two weeks later**

"What you guys are going on tour,too?" I ask Michael. He nods. "This sucks!" I yell. I hear the baseball bat crack. Phoebe gets back into her stance and spins the bat. Sophie throws another ball and Phoebe swings,hitting the ball and making it fly into the air. "You know what,I'm gonna go in there,and I'm gonna hit the ball out of anger." I inform Michael. I grab my pink helmet,and pink gloves. "Ready?" Phoebe asks me as I enter the school field. The Los Angeles sun shines bright above us. "Sure." I reply. Sophie throws Phoebe the ball and then takes off her glove. Phoebe catches her ball and Calum collects the balls that are scattered about. Phoebe puts on the glove and takes the other baseballs from Cal. She throws one and I hit it. We do the same every routine,until Michael tells us to leave.

I sit on the plane to Europe. I stare out the window,wishing Ashton was beside me,but no. It's some girl,listening to music. I hear her press a button after putting in her earbuds. She has lavender hair in a messy bun,just like mine,except my hair is brown. She taps my shoulder. "Yeah?" I ask,still looking out the window. "Have you heard this band called 2HopelessSkies?" She asks and I smile,before facing her. She's looking down at her phone. "It's really good. I'm flying out to see them in Germany in a few days,actually. I know a ton about them. Like,Emily,the drummer,her favorite color is coral pink. And Sophie likes to bake.  Sydney's getting married after their tour. And Phoebes favorite food is-" "French Toast." I say and she looks up at me,then gasps. "Oh. My. Gosh." I laugh. 


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