{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


19. 17

**The Next Day**

"5 foot something with the skinny jeans." Phoebe sings,as she cooks pasta. Sophie stomps out of her room,and grabs her keys. "I'll be at my friend's house." She tells us. "What's his name?" I ask,putting my magazine down,and standing up. "Why do you assume he's a guy?" Sophie asks,just before she opens the door. "But seriously,who is he?" Sydney asks. "Yeah!" Phoebe says. "His name is Christopher,okay?" She goes outside,and the door closes. I shake my head,laughing. "We went to school with a guy named Christopher," I elbow Syd. "We used to see him at the cafe." I tell her. "Oh,yeah. Maybe that's him." Phoebe shrugs. Sydney sits back down at the counter,and picks up her pencil. I sit next to her. "Whatcha writin'?" I ask her. "Oh,it's a list of things Ethan and I both agreed on for the wedding." She replies,and looks up at Phoebe,who's readingthe list,upside down. "Chocolate fountain? You'll expect me to be there after the reception," She says and we laugh. "Taco truck. Juice box bar. That's adorable." Phoebe continues. "Triple tier cake?" I ask,reading off the next thing. "Yup,and you guys are gonna help me make it." Sydney beams. "We're making it? Syd,I think we should have professionals make it." Phoebe tells her. "Oh,alright." Sydney replies. "Where is this gonna be anyway?" I ask,sliding out of the barstool. "We haven't chose yet." Sydney answers. I nod,walking over to the coffee table,picking up my mug and Sydney's plate. "You know,my dad's wedding with Karen was at the beach. Maybe you could have it there." I point out. "But then I'd be copying them." "Whatever." I put the dishes in the sink. Sydney taps her nails on the counter. "I'm going to invite Ethan over and he and I will talk about it." She says. "After dinner." Phoebe says. Sydney waves her hand as she sits at the computer. "So,you spoke to Ash lately?" Phoebe asks,mixing up something. "We were on the phone for two hours,Phoebe." I remind her. "Really? I could've sworn it was like,2 seconds. Why are you guys not getting married anyway?" Phoebe replies. "Sophie was right. He and I needed to date for awhile. That's all." Phoebe nods slowly. "You were perfectly fine." She replies. "I think they need it." Sydney adds. "See?" I say,gesturing to Sydney. "They need to work things out." Sydney says,typing away on the computer. "Pshh," Phoebe turns around. "You're just crazy." 

We finish washing the dishing the dishes just as the doorbell rings. I lean over the counter to see Sydney opening the door to her fiancée. She hugs him. We sit on the couch and Syd pulls out her list. "So,where should it be at?" She asks. "Somewhere indoors for the ceremony,but then the after party will be outside,maybe?" Ethan suggests. "That's pretty good." I point out. "Yeah." Sophie agrees,thumbing something in her phone. "Okay." Sydney says,writing it down. 





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