{A.I.} Castaway

Third Book in The 'Sneaking Around' Series.

Two years. Haven't seen them. Haven't heard from them. Don't wanna see them. Don't wanna hear from them. But I guess you do things that you don't want to do sometimes.

It sucks.


12. 10

**The Next Day**

"Yes....Yes......Yes!!....YES!!! WHOO!! IN YOUR FACE,JOSH!!!" Phoebe yells jumping around,her controller in her hand,raised above her head. Her boyfriend,Josh Dun,shakes his head,laughing. I laugh from behind the counter,and open the fridge. I grab a bottle of grape juice. My phone beeps as I open the bottle. I set down the bottle and pick up my phone.

Soph:im at my parents house now

Me:okay. when r u comin bck?


I pick up the juice again. I open it up and take a sip,walking to my room. I set down my drink on my desk and look in the mirror. I'm wearing a white button shirt turned into a crop top,black denim shorts,and black flip flops. I grab my bag and keys and head out. I close the door and walk to my car. I get in and begin to drive to...actually I'm not really sure. I didn't think I'd get this far. I decide to drive to my father's building and when I park the car,I put the shirt back to normal. I grab my bag and step out of the car. I lock it and go inside. "Hi,Mum." I say,smiling. "Hey. How's it going?" She asks. "Good," I reply. "Need me to do anything for you?" I ask. She smiles. "Can you drop of these papers at your father's office please?" "Sure." I say,picking up the stack of papers. She takes my bag and sets it under her desk. I go into the elevator and head up to Dad's floor. I step out of the elevator and walk through my father's open door. "Emily,hey." He says,smiling when he sees me. "Hey,Dad. Mum told me to take these to you." I tell him,setting the papers on his desk. "Thank you,sweetheart." He says,squeezing my shoulders. "Your welcome." I reply and he lets go of my shoulders. "Ah. Jeremy. Thank you for my coffee." Dad takes a cup of coffee from Jeremy. I rock back and forth,looking down. "No problem,Sir." Jeremy says,quickly. Dad goes back to his desk and looks at his planner. "Em,I have to get to a meeting. Tell Michael I said hey when you see him." Dad tells me,kisses my forehead,and leaves after collecting some papers. "So," Jeremy says. "There's this really cool band I heard. It's called 2HopelessSkies." He says,and I turn to face him. He grins. "Shut up." I say,laughing. "I probably shouldn't be flirting with you anyways." He says. "What do you mea-Oh. Ashton and I aren't dating." I tell him. "Still." He says. I shrug and walk over to the large window the size of the wall. I stare outside,at the people walking below. I never really knew what my father does. I still don't know. "Have you ever went to a concert?" I ask. "Yeah,why?" "I've only been in one or behind one. Was it fun,you know,to be a fan?" "It was pretty fun. Yeah,I remember it. I was with Conner. And it was The 1975." "The 1975." I repeat. "Yeah. And I remember waiting in line to get Conner some lemonade,and I thought it was starting,and it was still light out. So I ran out back to where Conner was without any lemonade." He laughs to himself. I turn to face him. Then the blonde girl,the one from the park,the one with was with Ashton,hurries in. "Oh my gosh. Jeremy. Guess what." She says. "What?" Jeremy asks. "Oh my goooossh. Okay. Ready for this? I was copying papers for Mr.Satono and I walked into his office and there they were," She throws her hands into the air in a jazz hands ish way. "One Direction!" She squeals. I jump up and rush out of the room. I tie the shirt where I had it and readjust my headband. I get into the elevator and Jeremy hurries in behind me. "What's going on?" He asks. "I need to talk to my friend." I tell him. "Why?" "Because." "Looks more like make out with your friend than talk." He mumbles and I step on his toe. The doors open and I run out to my mum. "Mum,where is Mr.Satono's office?" I ask her. "Second floor,third on the right." She tells me,as she click clacks on her keyboard. I nod and Jeremy and I go back into an empty elevator. We head to the room and stand outside,waiting. The door opens and a body guard steps out,then four boys. "Lou!" I say,and Louis smiles at me,stopping in his tracks. "Hey,Em. What's up?" He asks. "I didn't know you were here." I say. "Going a lot of places." He smiles. "I find it pretty sad that I haven't met your son yet." I comment. "Em,I live in Europe. You live in Australia." He laughs. "Okay,time to get serious." I say.

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