2. October 1st 1996

Coral Springs Academy, it was time for this young teenager to meet some new people. The dark hair, the hazel eyes with the tint of blue down the sides. This kid could find himself in many situations whether it would be good or bad. Tyler, the name that he goes by when he’s out with his pals. Back in Florida he had several friends that would take advantage of him. Knowing that he has quite a wealthy family behind him, and several of them don’t mind throwing cash at him. It was like Tyler had become a slut, some male prostitute who is going to continue to satisfy others while he makes an endless amount of cash.

Tyler’s best friend was actually just a girl wanting to hangout with guys. Whether this was because she has always had a secret crush on him, wanting him to be in her life. Nobody knows, and nobody wants to find out. Tyler keeps his cool, he’s back thinking about whether his football team is going to make it to the playoffs. A Jock some would call him. His best friend, Ellie would never actually wish to support someone who has an endless passion for sports. In fact, she doesn’t feel like she has much of a life at all.

October 1st 1996

Having all his things ready to go out to meet his friends, and Coral Springs Academy ready to welcome in its new job seekers. Well, they all had dreams, and whether these dreams were to become reality would be down to whether or not they can work towards their goals. Any who failed to work towards goals would be given a fair punishment, as some of the students just want to hangout. Some of them not really caring about a future for simple reasons, and then you’ve got your endless number of students every year who have much deeper reasons to why they don’t want to try hard in life.

Halloween only twenty-nine days away. Tyler feeling like his new school could be the one moment that holds him together. Being able to socialize again would mean to interact with others. He’d be able to find himself more friends, a fan base even. And that was his main goal, finding himself a crowd who would love to just hangout, laugh, and also joke about things.

Tyler’s sports career had a future, and as he was aware he also knew that he could take advantage of this. With a supportive family that doesn’t really find much interest in Tyler’s sports life. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to throw endless waves of cash towards him, forcing him to continue his life. Never once suffering from depression, Tyler has been stressed in the past. No longer feeling stress, he now feels alive wanting to move forward in life.

So much going on around his house; his younger sisters looking all adult, grown-up even. They don’t even look their age, and Tyler supports this? Well, nobody has a care in the world for how these kids turn out. His family bringing in pumpkins, and some still missing the carvings. Several lights being put up to add to the spooky atmosphere that they want to show off this Halloween. Tyler’s family loved seasonal events, and this one was not going to be any different.

Knock, knock.

Tyler could feel his arms shaking a little, his body not feeling quite supported by his own legs. Holding up his head, he took a gulp and answered the door without any second thoughts. To his surprise, it was the cheerleader squad that would follow him everywhere. Seriously, they actually followed him across county. They found him, they always find him. There’s never a moment where Tyler can feel like his fans are missing him. He ends up missing them not caring whether they miss having him in their lives.

Standing at the front you’ve got your beautiful hourglass-body woman. Beside her you’ve got her two best friends, the ones who will take selfies with her whenever she wants to look cute for a guy. Her two best friends; Angela, and the second one being known as ‘M.’ Just one letter that actually hides her real name. Even acting like the team name is part of the squad, she still uses the letter to express how much she enjoys being hidden.

In many school photos of Tyler with his classmates, you’ll see him smiling with those pearl whites. His hazel eyes staring as the sun lights up the glare that everyone wants to see. Tyler has quite a following, and uses all of his followers to his own advantages. This means he can take what he wants, and leave behind whoever he no longer needs in his life.

The ring leader to this group of girls that love make-up, dress up like they want attention. Always sharing images of themselves posing, and they’ve also got their darker sides. Naughtiness goes a long way when it comes to sports. Well, that’s what they think anyways.

Cleo, this name didn’t just have fire behind it. But if you were to look back in history, you’d find someone who’s known for power. Whether this was a mistake by her parents, and they never actually wanted a woman in power. Nobody knows, but one thing was for sure, Tyler’s had many flings with her. This means he has posed in some of her selfies, he has cuddled her on the couch. She’s taken him into several places where they can be alone together.

Her best friends endless support allows Cleo to do what she wants. Tyler doesn’t need a reason to hangout with her, she just needs him whenever the sky isn’t blue. And this strikes his sisters as odd, they look up to Cleo. So, why would Cleo keep a distance between Tyler from time-to-time? Again, not one person knows the answers to this. Always smiling when she’s at the door, and his fitness doesn’t make her look the other way. Not once has Cleo thought of Tyler as a show off. She sees him as a role model for her brother, and actually attempts to push her brother over the edge every single day.

Cleo’s Paradise House

She’s always got around sixteen girls invited over. Her home is large enough to support another sixty, and that’s whether Cleo wants to ever reach that number. Due to her always ditching friends, throwing them away like they are nothing. She makes it clear to everyone that her friends are like diamonds. Once they lose value, she no longer sees them as valuable. Cutting them off from her parties, cutting them off from her many invitations. She knows how to keep up her image.

Her father being a hard worker supporting for his family. Just last month he turned over a cheque that granted him and his family: $1,000,000. This was due to how his family has a generation of publicity. They always worked hard to get what they wanted, and never once saw a price tag as a big deal. They’d go clothes shopping; they’d end up coming back with stacks of new wears for their wardrobes. He wanted to keep his daughter happy, and without her mother who left him behind. Cleo doesn’t actually have much affection for her father.

“Cleo, I’m going out for the night. Make sure you watch your brother; he isn’t feeling too good. Or something like that, ask your mother.”

The feeling is mutual; no wonder Cleo doesn’t have affection for her father. Not even having any care for his son, this makes her want to not know him.

Feeling sick on the first of October, how could he not feel like everyone is abandoning him? Not one chance to show his father that he is actually a man of his word. No, he gets nothing in return for his kindness. His sister always looking out for him, but he feels like he doesn’t deserve her. Cleo’s slyness comes through; her ability to manipulate someone has ended up with trouble with the cops. Trouble where it’s not needed, and her father is sick of it.

But once you take a look into Cleo’s eyes, and her soothing voice that will continue to manipulate others. Not even her own father can tell her that enough is enough. Not one soul can make eye contact with Cleo with anger in their eyes. Hatred for someone, nobody can show such hatred towards Cleo. Making it even easier to manipulate, and control what she needs in life.

Branded as ‘BEAUTIFUL’ – Her last school gave her different food for thought. And to top it all off she managed to use someone that day. What ended up with the school closing down, and no longer running its ‘give people a second chance’ programme. Cleo had ended a feud; she had made a mark in history without realizing. Branded as the SOCIAL BITCH, this was a name that was sprayed all over her wall. Even her brother once turned against her, so how could Cleo give him a second chance.

Entering her brother’s room, her eyes pinpointed on what she wanted. Her mind focused on how she was going to step-by-step get what she wanted. A lust for to have someone in her power for the next few hours was enough to put a smile on her face.

“Brother… not that I’m complaining or anything, but did you have a word with Tyler?”

Looking quite confused at first, knowing that he couldn’t make up a story for her. “I-I didn’t say anything that you wouldn’t say to him.”

Running her fingers across the wall, she moved with sass. Her body like a snake, it moved from side to side as she was walking as if she had been on the catwalk. “Not that YOU would say anything to him…”

“I didn’t say anything to Tyler, I just got talking with him after practice.”

“Let’s not forget who actually got you into that game.” She winked, her eyes still fixated on what she wanted.

“Why don’t you tell him yourself? Stop trying to make me do your work.” Speaking out, he felt the butterfly slide off his tongue.

“I’m not even trying to this time.” She held out her phone as she switched to camera mode. “Let’s also not forget about what I have on you.”

Feeling the tension, he tried to make himself look more sick. Just trying to make himself more pale. “You don’t have to do this. It’s not like you really care about my life.”

“Good point, I don’t care about your social life.” Turning away from him, he had a moment to catch his breath. “But… I know who does have a life on the internet.”

He gulped, sweat dripping off his forehead. He could not hold it in, he had to make it clear to his sister that he didn’t want any more drama. “I can’t deal with this right now. Can’t you just wait for the playoffs?”

That sly look in her eyes, the face that made him understand that she was up to no good. “I suggest you message Tyler, you let him know that you are not going to be in his team anymore. And you make it goddamn clear that you’ll never want to be in the playoffs. Or else, I think this might find its way to your profile.”

Showing off an image that he sure wishes he could forget. Tyler would have laughed his ass off knowing that Cleo’s brother was a dumbass. Cleo’s smirk soon faded, but as she handed him the phone. Moving in to whisper a few words to her brother. “Oh, I wouldn’t check your phone if I was you. You might find something that you might not like.”

Moving away from him, she continued her sassy walk out towards the door. Leaving his room, she made an exit that he wouldn’t forget. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Cleo didn’t have a single care for whether her brother could end up in a fight with Tyler, and she had no intention to save him from her own work.

M’s RV

October the 1st, and not one person has come to say ‘hello’ to her. Not even Cleo, her best friend who would always be there for her. Her family all out doing their own things, she was left home alone for the eighteen time in just three weeks. Her older sister was out partying; her parents weren’t going to be home until December. That’s right, they had left her behind to go explore the world. M’s older sister was the one she had to rely on, the one she had to obey. Lucky for her, her sister was a pushover. Easy to persuade on M getting more time out with her friends.

Another companion that would keep her company day and night was her pug: unnamed, M didn’t feel like giving her own dog a name. Apparently, the name wasn’t important. Just like her relationships, she’s never even given nicknames. Somehow she’s ended up lasting months with guys, and they were never given special nicknames. M enjoyed the private life, going out when wanting to, and staying in most of the time.

Anyone could see that M spent too much time indoors than out due to her Facebook account. Just by looking on her wall, her friends would be able to see that her tanned body is no longer on display. In her later images, you can see how she’s going more pale. In secrecy Cleo, didn’t like how her best friend was letting herself go. But just like any good friend, Cleo felt that by not saying anything; nothing will change.

Message: 10/01/96 – 3:00 PM


You’re coming to the party on Sunday, right?


Not sure I don’t really feel like going to the FFort of u know…


. . . got problems with Tyler?


Hardly… he doesn’t even speak to me NYmore


Hmm maybe you should just come for fun -.- it’s better than staying IN ALL DAY ; )



The Beach / 3:30 PM / The Meet Up

M’s home alone thinking about going out to a party that’s not too far away. Cleo’s got her manipulative ways coming back with more force. Tyler’s got no idea what he’s setting himself up for. Just three people with lives that actually matter. No, that’s how they view themselves. What? You thought that these three kids actually deserve to live a good life? Wrong.

Several guys hanging out by the beach, some of them wearing flannels trying to hide their fatness. No joke, they really promote this as a way of hiding their obesity. Cleo’s brother was out heading towards the beach, keeping the words in his head. Wearing his baseball cap, focused on wanting to speak to Tyler as soon as possible. Heading to the beach was his way of dealing with things. Whenever life got tough, he’d take a stroll on the beach.

SynthWave Music plays in the background.

“Ha, ha, like you really came here to get your head straight. Set your mind at ease and all that shit.” His friend laughed, tapping him on the shoulder.

He smiled, as several guys all wearing sports clothing were laughing. Many in vests, others wearing shirts with the top button undone. They were all on the beach to laugh, to joke around, and to make news to others.

“Not easy having a sister who’s only a room away from you, huh? Am I right, Cody?” His pal Aaron laughing his ass off.

“Maybe, I just don’t feel like hanging around family at the moment.”

“Probably feeling blue? Like not one of you wants to be together?” Handing Cody a red plastic cup, he smiled at him.

“Sometimes I think this is all I’ve got to look forward to.” Cody started speaking his mind as he sipped.

The music boosted in volume, and the bass was now stronger than the feelings that he had for caring about others. “Maybe, you should just think about what’s going to happen if you don’t tell your sister to message me.”

“W-what?” Cody feeling a little tipsy, he looked over to the waves in the distance. “What did you say?”

“Nothing, bro, maybe it’s better you just sit this one out.”

Message Alert:

Call me. Cody. <3

Message Alert (2):

I watched your video

Not even five minutes had passed by, and Cody was already feeling the weight of the drink. His friend near him, all the other dudes wanting to just enjoy the atmosphere. Several of them falling over, and others laughing and shouting near the tide. Not one of them thought to ask whether Cody was okay.

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