5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


16. Worst mistake


Ashton: you know what the worst mistake of my life was? 

Calum: wearing that purple shirt to our first rehearsal as a band?

Ashton: ... No 😒

Michael: oh, it would've been mine 


Luke: guys shut up. Keep going ash 

Ashton: thank you Luke. Anyways, my biggest mistake was doing the Rolling Stones interview 

Calum: ... Damn that's a big one 

Michael: yeah 

Luke: I almost drowned in embarrassment and shock

Calum: a sex tape? Having sex with girls just bc we had gotten famous? Wtf 

Luke: and the smirking... That creeped me out a little. 

Ashton: I can't believe management allowed them to do that shit and not allow us to explain how it was all a set up to the fans 

Calum: and to think how excited we were to do it 

Calum: I dreamed of being on the cover of it 

Michael: well with that ass it would've been a sin if you hadn't 

Calum: ☺️

Ashton: I wish the fans could know the truth 

Luke: think of how many left the fandom and what they think of us as now 

Calum: sometimes I wish we weren't famous 

Michael: yo, don't go all Zayn on us now Cal 

Calum: I would never, this band and you guys and the fans mean the world to me 💕

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