5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


33. We're back


Luke: aaaaaand we're back 

Ashton: damn right child 

Michael: don't ever say that again 

Ashton: why the hell not? 

Michael: just don't.

Calum: how cool was the part four tour diary??? 

Luke: I wasn't in it much TBH 

Calum: neither, but I loved the slow mo bit of me hehe 

Michael: of course you did 🙄

Calum: 😎

Ashton: I still don't understand why I can't say "damn straight child" 

Michael: I'm done 

Michael has left the conversation 

Ashton: was it something I said?? 

Calum: oh god 

Calum has left the conversation 

Luke: and then there were two 

Ashton: Luke, you can tell me why I can't say "damn straight child" right? 

Luke: nope 🙃

Ashton: sigh

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