5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


7. Smoking


Ashton: alright, we need to have a band meeting 

Luke: but your band sucks 

Michael: shut up Hemmings 

Ashton: guys not now, this is serious. Where's Cal? 

Calum: I'm here now, sorry I was hanging out with Nigel 

Ashton: ok, band meeting begins 

Michael: finally, took you long enough 

Calum: what's going on. What's this meeting about? 

Ashton: you 

Luke: me? 

Michael: no you idiot, he means me obviously 

Calum: guys... I'm pretty sure it's me

Michael: I'm sorry cal, I can't hear you over the size of your ego 


Calum: see Mikey 😏

Michael: 🖕🏼

Calum: anyways what was it you had to say Ash? 

Ashton: it's about the snapchat 

Calum: dude, we've already said we won't talk about it anymore 😔

Ashton: no, I meant the one with the cigarette in your hand. 

Calum: ... Oh 

Luke: yeah, are you alright bro

Michael: we're a bit worried about your health 

Calum: no, I just get stressed sometimes. I'm fine 

Ashton: just remember that your health comes first big guy 

Calum: yeah. Sorry if I got you guys worried 

Michael: we love you 

Calum: love you guys too 

Calum: even if your band does suck

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