5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


23. Jeez, Luke


Michael: my hate for you has become stronger Hemmings 

Luke: what? why? 

Calum: wait, mikey, is this about the thingy? 

Michael: yes, calum, it's about the thingy 

Ashton: i'm literally sitting here trying to understand what is going on and I just had 3 coffees sooooo

Michael: why have you not changed your icon you noob 

Luke: now im confused. 

Ashton: join me in confused land lucas 


Calum: we all have our icons as one of these, and then there's you 


Michael: oh, thank god you had the screenshots, I didn't have any 

Calum: I'm always prepared 

Luke: oh 

Ashton: yeah I just realized that 

Michael: are you EVER going to change it? I mean, we've been waiting for a little while before telling you but you haven't moves your ass yet, so.... 

Luke: I don't want to change it 

Calum: why not? 

Luke: cuz I don't like that pic? 

Calum: listen lucas. just because you're fuckin lead singer and the main bitchacho of the band doesn't mean you can not change your fuckin twitter icon 

Ashton: I have a feeling theres jealousy within the band

Calum: no ash 

Michael: yeah he's not jealous, its just that we are a band and we do stuff together. or at least try to 

Luke: nup, cant be stuffed 

Calum has left the conversation 

Michael: well, that made me hungry. is there any pizza left? 

Ashton: wait, don't eat the one in the fridge 

Michael: too late 


Michael: I didn't see your name on it 

Luke: I'm going to find cal 

Calum has rejoined the conversation 

Calum: im back 

Luke: soz bro 

Calum: all good, and I saw this btw 

Calum: I was literally gone for two seconds bc RJ came on the bus 

Luke: wait, so you weren't angry at me 

Calum: no what? 

Luke: ashton I need another coffee

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