5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


47. Halloween 2016


Luke: why isn't Michael in the chat??

Ashton: I don't wanna wake him up again

Calum: 😂

Ashton: plus he wasn't at the party last night

Calum: how sick was it?

Luke: everyone said that the wig suited me

Ashton: dancing with Halsey was fun

Calum: I just enjoyed it overall

Luke: Do you think people realised it was me in the instagram pic arzaylea posted??

Calum: probably, the fans don't miss a thing man

Ashton: was that you?? Wow I didn't even know that

Luke: well ash didn't

Calum: that's because Ashton just likes every single pic on instagram, even the ads bc he doesn't even care about the post

Ashton: yes i do

Calum: no you don't, I've watched you do it too many times

Ashton: really??

Calum: yes

Ashton: wow... I realised a lot of things today



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