5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


22. Damn, Calum


Ashton: Damn 

Michael: Ashton, when we are in a group conversation you need to tell us who the hell you're talking to 

Luke: Yeah 

Calum: damn what? 

Ashton: damn calum I like your shoes 

Calum: ??? 

Michael: which ones? 

Calum: are you talking about the one I wore at the show tonight? 

Luke: the red nikes? yes, can I borrow them 

Calum: as if you stealing our underwear isn't enough

Michael: buuuurrrrnnnn 

Luke: that was one time 

Calum: the toucans are my fucking favourite don't fuckin mess with me Hemmings 

Ashton: first of all, don't swear, second of all, yes the red nikes are the shoes im talking about 

Calum: oh 

Calum: I like them 

Michael: I'm wearing them tomorrow night, right? 

Calum: of course :) 

Luke: HEY! 

Ashton: no yelling 


Michael: it's hi not hey 


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