A new dragon history

a dragon ball fanfic with new characters and old, explore a new history and universe created by me


2. chapter 2- saiyan pride

the white figure yelled out "be careful tien! he seems really strong" so his name is tien? 

"where is kakarot?

"were not telling you!"

"great wasting my time?"


"i promise i wont do anything"

"prove it"

i show my tail and tear it off and he seems surprised "isn't  that a part you need for great ape?!" he asked

"yes, proof enough?"

"yeah" he gestures me to follow him and we begin to fly. we cover quite a bit of distance but we are flying over water now, wait there is a island there with a house. great he is a hermit. but when we land there is an old man there wearing a type of shell. I walk up to him "where is Kakarot?"

"Goku is dead"

"what!?" I exclaimed stopping in mid flight




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