A new dragon history

a dragon ball fanfic with new characters and old, explore a new history and universe created by me


1. chapter 1- the new z fighter

I am a saiyan, an elite class saiyan and my planet planet vegeta has recently been destroyed so now I'm heading to the most recent destination for one of our saiyans. its a planet named earth, a blue and green ball full of life, or if kakarot had done his job it wouldn't be but lucky for me, something must have happened to him. Anyway I'm in a space pod now heading to earth, i should arrive in a few decades due to this model being outdated, so I'm going into stasis. I will be put out ten minutes from landing. 




           After stasis


I wake up from the stasis when the computer says "stasis unlocked, ten minutes from planet earth" I sit still waiting to land on this planet I know little about. When I land its shaky but once it settles i open the door and  leave to find multiple humanoid's standing near me. "who are you? what are you doing here?" they are holding metal pieces I'm not sure what they are but they might be weapons of some sorts. "I'm here to survive" yes that was perfect. One of them uses their ineffective weapon's on me and the projectile bounces off my Armour. I surround myself in energy and blast it all around me, only affecting the hostiles. but then i see another but this time my scouter says his power level is much higher....its...198 he has three eyes and has a little white figure with him.

"who are you?" he asked impatiently

"not important"



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