Their Green Girl

Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor but was never friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She was welcomed among the young Slytherin first years, her bloodtype left a secret. Her friendship with Draco Malfoy and the rest of Slytherin house causes much trouble during her years at Hogwarts. But a fight with Draco changes everything. How will this change the Wizarding World and the Golden Trio?


8. Chapter 8

Blood pounded in Pansy’ ears as she ran towards the Great Hall. She was so mad she was worried there was actual steam coming out her ears. Draco! Draco hurt Hermione! How could he? Draco. Sweet, funny, caring Draco. The boys she had known her whole life. The boy who, yes, had a terrible temper but knew how to control it, did this. The tears streaming down her face were angry tears, but at the same time fearful tears. But as she got closer to her destination the tears stopped. All that was left in her was confusion and rage. Undeniable rage towards Draco. Magic flowed through her fingers as she gripped her wand tighter. This uncontrollable rage that was flowing through her veins was causing this amazing surge of her powers. She felt more powerful, more dangerous. With a wave of her wand the huge pine doors to the Great Hall flew open with a bang. The hall fell silent. Every student and teacher stared in awe at Pansy who stood in the doorway, wand sparking and chest heaving. Then she started to move. She walked with powerful strides down the middle aisle. Her eyes flickered with fire of hatred and anger.

“You,” she whispered, “YOU!” She screamed. Her wand pointed at Draco. Her whole body shook, the look on her face could kill. Students and teachers alike turned and focused their attention on a very pale, nervous looking Draco Malfoy. “Get up!” She motioned for him to move with her wandless hand. He didn’t move. Draco sat stock still, eyes wide, and face drained of blood. Pansy rolled her eyes, “Fine. I’ll just make you get up then,” With a flick of her wand Draco Malfoy stood up. His body rigid and twitching slightly, showing he was fighting the spell. “Come over here,” Pansy commanded. Again Draco didn’t move. With another flick of her wand Draco began to move towards her. She didn’t begin speaking till he came to rest right in front of her.

“Pansy,” he pleaded, “please forgive me,” Pansy scoffed.

“It’s not my forgiveness you should be begging for Draco,”

“I didn’t-” he started.

“You did! Don’t lie to me!” She yelled. “She could be fucking dead because of you!” The hall filled with gasps. Teachers began moving towards them slowly. “Don’t,” Pansy said to the crowd, the tone of her voice send them a warning not to intervene.  All the years that Draco Malfoy had been at Hogwarts he had done some pretty awful things. McGonagall knew this, so when Pansy told them not to intervene, she didn't. Draco Malfoy was a selfish boy, a terribly mean boy who did whatever he could to put himself on top. At this point in her career, McGonagall was convinced that he probably deserved whatever it was Pansy Parkinson was about to give him. “All for a FUCKING bracelet?! You were twelve! It’s not like it had any significance! What the hell is wrong with you? How could you be so fucking selfish?” She couldn’t contain it anymore, “Furnunculas!” Draco was thrown backwards by the force of the spell. Nasty purple pustules erupted all over his porcelain skin. “Locomotor Mortis! Rictumsempra! Flipendo!” Draco cried out in pain as he flew across the room. “You deserve everything you’re getting you foul little bastard!” Pansy screamed. Tears streamed down her face as she shot spell after spell at Draco. She stormed towards Draco, Stinging Hexes flying out of her wand. “You don’t deserve her! She loved you and you almost killed her!” Draco lay on the cool ground, shaking and convulsing. Pansy knelt down next to him and bent her head so it was right next to his ear. “You are so fucking lucky you have the father you have because otherwise I would kill you right now,” she hissed. With that she drew herself up to her full height. Pansy smiled wickedly at him and sent a spell straight at his manhood. “That one,” she explained, “was created by your one and only. Have fun with that erectile dysfunction bud,” venom dripping off her tongue. She strutted down the aisle with a final wave of her wand Pansy sent a charm flying over her shoulder. The yelp that emitted from Draco told her the spell had done its job. I wonder how long it will take for his hair to change back. She thought to herself. The doors closed behind her with another bang that made the people inside the Great Hall flinch. Draco sat in complete shock, his face still covered in pustules, his legs still locked together, his body still faintly twitching in the aftermath of the tickling spell, and hair sporting the bright red and gold colours of Gryffindor house. Nobody moved, the only sound that echoed through the hall was the faint moans coming from Draco. McGonagall rolled her eyes and stood to address the current situation.

“Ten points to which ever house will spare a few students to remove Mr. Malfoy from the hall and deliver him to the Hospital Wing,” the tables erupted with movement and noise. Four little Hufflepuff girls got to him first. Two at his head and two at his feet lifted him up. The four girls tottered all the way to the door. After dropping him a few times on the way out the door, McGonagall finally gave in and shot a spell in their direction Draco floated a few feet off the ground and all the girls had to do was pull at his feet and he would move. So away they went, four little Hufflepuff girls and one very old looking Draco Malfoy.



He could feel the life slipping out of her. Theo was running as fast as he could. Hermione was out cold, drenched in her own blood, and almost touching death. Theo wasn’t much of a crier but he couldn’t stop the tears that slowly rolled down his face. Hermione, the girl he loved like a sister, almost killed at the hands of his best friend. He was almost to the hospital wing when she started convulsing in his arms. He yelled loudly for help as he continued to run, his grip tightening as to not let Hermione throw herself out of him arms because she was shaking so hard. He pushed the doors to the Hospital Wing open with his foot. “Help! Someone! Please! Help me! She’s dying!”

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