Their Green Girl

Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor but was never friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She was welcomed among the young Slytherin first years, her bloodtype left a secret. Her friendship with Draco Malfoy and the rest of Slytherin house causes much trouble during her years at Hogwarts. But a fight with Draco changes everything. How will this change the Wizarding World and the Golden Trio?


6. Chapter 6

“You can’t just not talk to her Draco!” Blaise was chasing after a very pissed off Draco.
“Blaise!” Draco roared, “drop it! I’m not going to talk to her! I hate her!”
“Draco-“ Blaise started, Draco cut him off.
“Enough Blaise,” Draco said his voice low and dangerous. So Blaise dropped it. He knew from years of being friends with Draco Malfoy that that tone of voice was a warning to people that if they pressed him any farther he would snap, and no one liked to see Draco when he snapped. Following the still fuming Draco down the corridor Blaise thought of one more option. Something that might sway Draco’ conscious. Blaise slowed his pace. Making room between Draco and himself. Blaise stopped walking and called out, “she still wears it, you know. Won’t take it off actually,” Draco froze mid-step. Turning slowly to face his caramel colored friend, Draco wracked his brain for something clever to say. But before he could utter a word Blaise continued.
“Pansy asked her why, but Hermione won’t tell. All I know is that she hasn’t taken it off since the fight. She loved you Draco, and I know you loved her. Stop being foolish and cowardly and just talk to her. Let her explain. If not for her, do it for yourself,” with that Blaise turned on his heel and walked away, leaving Draco standing stock still in the middle of the corridor. ‘She still wears it? Does that stupid bit even know what it means? I have to get it back.’ Draco thought to himself. He stormed away  up through the maze-like castle. It was his free period so he made the trek to the Runes classroom. Only days after Hermione and Theo had found the hidden alcove in first year Theo had shown their new discovery to Draco. When they were dating Draco and Hermione spent a lot of time there snogging and talking, but mostly snogging. He had only ever taken Astoria up there once. He remembered that day like it was yesterday.

“-yeah. She’s smiling again. I think, I mean I hope she’s feeling a bit better after everything,” Pansy told Blaise during breakfast. It had only been days since Draco had found out about Hermione’ little secret. He knew from listening discreetly to Pansy’ conversations with Blaise and Daphne that until today Hermione had locked herself in her room and refused to see anyone. ‘She doesn’t deserve to smile. Not after what she did to me.’ Draco thought. So with every intent to hurt her, emotionally, as best he could Draco divided a plan. He sent Hermione a forged note pretending to be Pansy asking to meet in the alcove after Runes. 3/4 of the way through the class Draco and Astoria Greengrass made their way to alcove. He pulled her inside and pushed her up against the wall kissing her hard just as the door to the Runes classroom opened and students started leaving. He hated the way she felt pressed up against him, the way she tasted in his mouth. He didn’t hear her come in but her felt her presence immediately. He could feel her eyes boring into his back as he snogged Astoria as passionately as he could. Slowly Draco pulled away from a panting Astoria. He turned to face a frozen Hermione, eyes wide and filled with tears. He slid a hand gracefully into Astoria’. Pulling her towards the hidden exit he met Hermione’ tear-filled eyes, a smirk painted on his face. With a wicked smile on his face he gave a sinful wink before disappearing back into the bustling corridor. As the tapestry swung forward Hermione’ heart wrenching sobs echoed into the corridor. It took every ounce of Draco’ determination to walk away farther away from the alcove, away from Hermione.

The memory was an awful one, something Draco worked hard to forget. As soon as he heard students leaving the Runes  classroom he took his opportunity. Grabbing Hermione’ upper arm tightly Draco yanked her into the alcove.

Hermione was literally yanked from her thought as a hand connected roughly with her upper arm and pulled her into the alcove. She yelped as the figure pushed her into the wall, wand pointed at her throat. After a moment of silence from both parties, Hermione’ eyes adjusted and she recognized her captor.

“Give it back,” Draco’ voice was a hoarse whisper in the silent room.
“I don’t kno-“ Hermione began.
“The bracelet Granger. I want it back,” he snarled. He felt her petite body stiffen under his grip. She bit her lip, shaking her head she responded, voice shaking slightly, “No- no it’s mine. You gave it to me,” she protested. Draco rolled his eyes and released her from his grip. As he turned away from her Hermione began to speak again. “ Look Draco-“ He spun around, “stupefy!” He shouted. The power of the spell caused her to slam into the stone. A defining crack could be heard as skull collided with cold stone. She slid down the wall and landed in a heap at the bottom. Not moving, eyes closed, and heavy breathing told Draco she had been knocked out. He knelt down next to her. She smelled like roses. Her sun kissed skin and soft lips look extremely inviting. ‘No!’ Draco told himself. With a shake of his head Draco’ mind returned to where it was supposed to be. The silver bracelet , diamonds dusted in bronze and connected with a silver chain sparkled in the small rays of sunlight streaming in through the window. The tiny hints of rust told him that she wore it in the shower every day. With one quick movement Draco snatched the bracelet off her wrist and slid it into his pocket. the bracelet was warm in his cold hand.

Hermione moaned softly, she shifted slightly in her unconsciousness. As she moved Draco noticed the small red stain on the stone wall, right where her head had been. Her blood. Crimson red blood. As it slowly trickled down her neck Draco reached out, and, with one finger caught a drop. Slowly, breathing heavily he brought his finger close to his face. Fear, confusion, and rage. there things Draco despised. He hated being afraid of something, he hated not knowing something, and he hated being angry. someone always got hurt when he was angry. Whether it was physically or emotionally, it always happened. Her blood. Her bright red blood. Her blood that colored his finger that very moment cause him to feel these things. It wasn’t muddy or dirty. It was red, just like his. the longer he sat there the more confused and scared became. Knowing he was about to snap Draco fled. Leaving Hermione bleeding and unconscious hidden away in the alcove.  

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