One Crazy Year


4. Jealousy

Today is the day that people ask each other to Prom. Zane surprised ,e last night when he asked me to go with him.

    Zane: “Hey Fuji.”

    Fuji: “Hey, how was your weekend?”

    Zane: “Amazing. I got to hang out with the greatest girl in world.”

    Fuji: “Aww. So, what am I supposed to do about Haru, if he asks me? People have warned me about his bad side when he’s mad.”

    Zane: “Don’t worry, you know I will keep you safe. I won’t let him hurt you.”

    Fuji: “Thank you.”

    Zane: “Look, there he is now and he’s coming over here.”

    He points over my shoulder behind me.

Haru: “Hey guys. What are you up to?”

Zane: “Chilling outside with Fuji.”

Haru: “I see. Fuji, will you go to Prom with me?”

Fuji: “Um Haru, I’m so sorry, but I already got asked and said yes. Why don’t you go ask one of your other girlfriends that you always flirt with?”


Zane: “Whoa dude, calm down.”

Haru: “ARRGH!”

Fuji: “W-what’s happening? Haru, please calm down.”

Haru: “You’ve messed with the wrong person. Now, you will pay!” He morphs into an ice wolf and charges for me.

Zane: “No, I won’t let you hurt her.”


Zane: “Over my dead body.”

Creating two katanas from thin air, Zane blocks him and strikes Haru in the arm.


I stand there in shock as he blasts Zane back against the wall and blood coming for his back and head.

Fuji: “ZANE!!!”

I say in my mind ‘Please be okay, please be okay.’

Haru: “Guess he had to learn the hard way. HAHAHA!”

Fuji: “YOU MONSTER!!!”

Anger is the only thing that filled my body. At that moment, I morphed into my fire cheetah and get ready to attack.

Haru: “Aww, it’s so sweet that you wanna save your poor friend, but too bad I have to end you instead. MWAHAHAHA!!”

Fuji: “Not on my watch!”

I charge up my fire and shoot him up in the air.

    Haru: “You will never defeat me. You don’t stand a chance.”

He hits me with an ice shard.

Fuji: “T-that’s what you think.”

For one last shot, I shoot my one last fire charge and turn him to stone.

Haru: “NOOOOO…!!!”

I run to Zane then try to shake him awake and start to cry.

Fuji: “Please wake up, please. I love you, Zane. I don’t know what I would do if I never met you. Please be okay! Please wake up!”

Out of nowhere, he starts to squeeze my hand then he slowly starts to open his eyes. I hug him tight as more tears fall from my eyes.

Fuji: “You’re okay! You’re okay.”

Zane: “I-it’s okay, calm down.”

He wipes my tears away and comforts me.

Fuji: “I was so worried about you. Also, I took care of Haru.”

Zane: “Wow. Uhh Fuji, you’re bleeding.”

Fuji: “What!? Where?”

I look around my body frantically.

Zane: “Hold still, I got it. Now come here and turn around. Sorry if it sting a little. Thank you for saving me, but why did you risk your life for mine?”

He ties a piece of cloth around my arm.

Fuji: “One, ouch. And two you’ve always been there for me, and I wanted to do something to return the favor. Also, because I love you so much and I never wanna lose you.”

I put my head on his chest and start to calm down.

Zane: “You will never lose me. I love you with all my heart. Never forget that.”

Fuji: “So what happens next?”

Zane: “Destiny will decide that, but I can decide this. Fuji, will you go out with me and be my girlfriend?”

He pulls me close and kisses me gently.

Fuji: “Yes I will. Now let’s live out our destiny.”

            The End

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