One Crazy Year


3. Date With Haru

What in the world is going on with him? Is something wrong with what I’m wearing? Well, I better go enjoy the day I guess.

Fuji: “So, what are we going to do here?”

Haru: “Hang out like normal people.”

Fuji: “Are you mad at me?”

Haru: “No, I’m just distracted, that’s all.”

Fuji: “Oh ok.”

We just sit there pretty much in awkward silence, until 6:00pm.

Haru: “Well I’ll see you tomorrow I guess.”

Fuji: “Yeah...Wait! I was gonna hang out with Zane tomorrow.”

Haru: “Oh...” His eyes turn red again.

Fuji: “Hey, are you okay?”

Haru: “Y-ya, I’m good”

Fuji: “Okay then, bye.”

Haru has been acting so strange lately. Hopefully, he’s just in a bad mood. After about an hour of sitting in my room, somebody knocks on my bedroom door.

Fuji: “Come in.”

Zane: “Hey.”

Fuji: “Hey...”

Zane: “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Fuji: “The date was a disaster. Haru seemed really off. I guess you were right about him being jealous. He acted like he had a problem with what I was wearing. Haru kinda blocked me off the whole time of the date.”

Zane: “Why would he do that? You’re just being yourself. If it helps I think you look beautiful.” He holds my hand and puts his other arm around me.

Fuji: “Haha. Why am I so comfortable around you?” I lay my head on his shoulder.

Zane: “I don’t know. Time will tell what happens in the future.”

Fuji: “I missed you so much. I never wanna lose you again.” Hugging him tight, I start to cry.

Zane: “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere, unless you say so.”

Fuji: “Heh. You’re sweet. I’m really glad I met you. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

Zane: “Yeah, we were at the park listening to Linkin Park, we didn’t know each other back then. Here, take a look at this.” He shows me a light memory of us as freshman.

        { Fuji: “Hey, are you listening to Linkin Park?”

        Zane: “Of course. Are you?”

        Fuji: “Ya, I also love Breaking Benjamin and Green Day.”

        Zane: “Me too. I’m Zane.”

        Fuji: “Fuji.” }

        Fuji: “The day my life changed.”

        Zane: “I loved that day. I had no idea that, that person would mean so much to me in the future.”

        Fuji: “You mean a lot to me too, Zane.”

        We look into each other’s eyes and move closer to each other.

        Fuji: “I...I...I”

        Zane: “Shh...don’t say anything”

        He leans in and kisses me gently. I just sit there blushing and smiling shyly.

        Fuji: “...W-why d-did you do that?”

        Zane: “Look, I’ve liked you for a long time, I always have. Ever since we met. I’m sorry, but I can’t hide it anymore.”

        Fuji: “Zane...I like you too.” I hug him tightly and he blushes.

        Zane: “I-I have to go, but I will see you tomorrow at the park.”

        Fuji: “O-okay. See ya.”

        What just happened? That...that felt good. I just hope Haru doesn’t find out. Well better get my clothes for tomorrow. I listen to Melanie Martinez for awhile before bed.

    The next morning I get up and eat breakfast. Then my phone beeps when I go back in my room.

Haru: Hey, sorry about yesterday. I wasn’t in the best mood. It’s not your fault. I just not used to girls wearing stuff like that.

Fuji: It’s okay, but this is the real me. I dressed like this back in Scaleswind.

Haru: Oh, well I guess I’m gonna have to get used to it.

Fuji: Ya you will. Ready for school tomorrow?

Haru: Kinda. I heard that they’re switching partners in some of the classes.

Fuji: Awe man. Why?

Haru: They said because of all the new students arriving.

Fuji: Wow, that would have to be a lot of new students.

Haru: I guess. See you later. Bye

Fuji: Bye.

Guess today is sorta off to a good start. I just wish he would accept me for who I am, well what I am to be exact. He doesn’t know, but I can morph into things besides having fire magic. Hopefully, I can go see Zane today. I can bring my music speaker, so we can listen to our old memories. Better make sure I have everything.

Zane: “Hey.”

He walks in my room ready to leave.

Fuji: “Oh, hey Zane.”

Zane: “What happened? What did he do?”

Fuji: “I don’t really think he’s going to accept me for who I am. Am I really that bad?”

Zane: “No, you’re perfect the way you are. I like you for you. Be yourself and don’t let anybody tell you different.”

Zane hugs me tight to comfort me.

Fuji: “T-thank you. I needed that.”

Zane: “If he can’t like you for who you are, he’s missing out on a lot. Hey, I’d keep an eye on him if I were you and you know he’s gonna keep acting like he does accept you. I am for sure he is gonna try to ask you to the dance.”

Fuji: “Yeah, I know. Will you be there?”

Zane: “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Fuji: “Why are you my friend?”

Zane: “Look at me, I became your friend because you were yourself. I fell in love with this amazing girl who I can talk to about anything and always count on to make me smile. Why would you ask me something like that?”

Fuji: “I-I don’t know. I just...was thinking about things and I just never knew the reason why you were.”

Zane: “Don’t be afraid to talk to me. You know I will always help you with anything, even if I don’t understand.”

Fuji: “Look, I am just worried that you’re about Haru. It just shows how naive and gullible I am.”

Zane: “I will be here n o matter what also may I ask you something very important.”

Fuji: “Yes, you can ask me anything.”

Zane: “Will y-you go to Prom with me?”

Fuji: “A-Are you sure? What if...”

Zane: “Calm down. I’ll protect you from whatever happens. You’re an important person in my life and I don’t want change that.” He holds my hand and kisses my forehead.

Fuji: “Zane, I would love to go to Prom with you.”

Zane: “R-really!?”

Fuji: “Yes. So are you ready to go to the park and hang out?”

Zane: “Ya, I’m ready.”

Fuji: “Great, then let’s go.”    

So, we get to the park and sit down. I put on some Green Day. Zane grabs my hand and holds it gently.

Zane: “How are you liking it here in O’kasis?”

Fuji: “It was okay as first, but since you got here it just got better.”

Zane: “Heh. Thanks. Wanna dance to our song?”

Fuji: “Are seriously talking about Hero by Skillet?”

Zane: “Well ya. May I have this dance?”

Fuji: “Hahaha. I would love to.”

He pulls me close as I put my hands on his shoulders.

Zane: “Isn’t this fun?”

Fuji: “It always is with you.”

Zane: “Awe.” When I told him that, he smiled and kissed me.

Fuji: “You know it’s getting dark, right?”

Zane: “Really? I can’t believe we’ve been hanging out that long. Here I’ll walk you home.”

Fuji: “Okay.”

We talk about our past the whole way back. It’s nice to reminisce old times.

Zane: “I had a wonderful time.”

Fuji: “Me too. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

Zane: “Ya, you too. Bye”

Fuji: “Bye.”

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