Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


5. Chapter 4

The next day was another school day. Luke was surprised that we have to go to school for so long but he seems to enjoy it. 


"Why do we have to learn math? What is the importance of it?" Luke asked as we walked to London to school. I giggled.


"That's a good question," I answered. "Some math you will have to learn for some jobs and some math you just need to know just in case," I added. Luke groaned. "I thought you liked to learn?" I mocked him. 


"I do but not so much of math," he groaned again. We dropped off London and walked to our school. It's so weird going to school with Luke. For a long time I walked with London to hers and then I walked to mine all by myself. It's weird but nice to have some company. "What happened to Mr. Smith?" Luke asked out of nowhere. 


"Mom says he couldn't stand living in Arkansas anymore so he left for California instead. He sometimes comes to see London and I but not so often. Mom doesn't want to leave the farm because it was my grandfather's who let my mom and dad live there after they married. I don't know the whole story, though. That's just a story my mother told us when we asked," I answered. I looked over at Luke who a sad look on his face. "Why do you asked?"


"Your mom doesn't have any pictures of him anywhere. Just you and London. Just wondering." We stood in silence for the rest of the walk. 



It was now my favorite thing about school. Lunch. Today they were serving pizza. After Luke and I got our food he followed me to a table but before we could get one Luke was pulled away from me by Arzaylea. 


"You should sit by us Luke," she said and touched his arm like she did the other day. Luke looked over at me for any signs he should go over there or not. I gave him the 'go ahead' look and rolled my eyes as she dragged him to her and her friend's table. She makes me so mad! I know what she is trying to do! She is going to try and get with him and when she does she will throw him away like an old toy. She does that with every boy in this school. 


I on the other can't even get a boy to look at me! I'm 19 and still haven't had my first kiss let own my first boyfriend! Boys just don't find me interesting or pretty. And I hardly have any friends. I just sit at a table and eat whatever is in front of me. I had one friend named April but she soon left me to hang out with Arzaylea. 


After lunch, Luke walked over to me so we can go to algebra together. 


"So how was sitting at Miss Perfects table?" I asked. Luke frowned at me.


"Why are you so hateful to her? She's super nice and I love how she treats others," Luke tried to reason. I almost gagged at the words he just said. 


"Nice? She's only nice to you because she wants to date you and when she does she will dump you before you even know it," I answered. "You didn't tell her about why you are really here, did you?" I asked in a whisper. He shook his head no. I sighed with relieve. "Good. Who know what she will do if she knew," I added.


"Hey, Luke!" Arzaylea shouted as Luke and I were about to leave. "I'm having a party at my house and wanted to know if you wanted to come. Farmer girl is invited to if she wants," she asked.


"That would be great!" Luke answered. Then looked at me. "We should go, Andy!" 


"No way my mother will let me or Luke go. Sorry Arzaylea," I answered coldly. Arzaylea frowned.


"Well if you can let me know," she said and walked away. Luke and I started to walk to get my sister.

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