Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


71. With Kim Yunhee (Seol speaking)


It was Friday and middle of late night and I was worried about Kim Yunhee because she's not eating vegetables all day, except for meat and dairy.

As I went to check Kim at her bedroom, I was in shock.

Kim was turning into mixed animal creature. Her face was turning to pig face with cow spot and her mouth transformed to duck peak and cat whiskers on her pig face. Her teeth turned to shark jaws. Her hands became dog paws and her legs became chicken legs and she grow 6 octopus tentacles.

At 6:00, Kim woke up and saw shock face on Seol's face.

"What's wrong, Seol?" Kim said. "I had to get ready for competition."

"Sorry, Kim." Seol said. "You can't go out like this."

"I'm perfectly moo-rmal."

"You not, Kim."

"Look at yourself in a mirror, Kim."

I look at myself in mirror and I was hideous monster.

"Oh, my god!" Kim said in panic. "I been cursed."

"That's what you get for eating and drinking us." a voice said.

"Who said that?" Kim asked.

"Not me." I said.

"I did." Milk said. "You been cursed by Vegan Witch."

"Vegan Witch?" Kim asked.

"Yes." Porkchop said to me. "People with Vegan Witch Spell cast spell on every animal foods and dairy products that turns you to animal monster."

"How do Kim turned back to normal?" I asked.

"Only way to break a spell is to eat vegan foods only and never animal products." Canada Goose fur coat replied. "Including not wearing real fur, leather either."

"I do it." Kim said.

"After witnessing Kim turned to spooky animal monster, I do it too." I said.

"Remember if you ate meat with vegan foods, you'll get sentenced to vegan prison." Cheeseburger said to me.

"OK." Kim and I said together. "We promise."

"Also you cannot kill us either." a mouse said.

"I wouldn't kill any animals or reptitles." we said.





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