Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


7. VSpot Greenwich Village (Mary-Kate speaking)

We went inside and waitress sit us on table. VSpot was very crowded with vegans and vegetarians having dinner.

"Anna, you could order two foods you like."

We studied menu and we already decided when waitress came back to our table.

"Can I get Lasagna, Belgian-style Fries, Rice & Beans and Strawberry Banana Smoothies?" Anna asked.

"OK." VSpot waitress said.

"May I have Avocado BLT and Avocado Fries and same drink too."

"OK." Vspot waitress.

Our order arrived and we were eating.

"It's delicious vegan food, mommy." Anna exclaim. "It's much better than meat."

"Yes, it is." I said. "After meeting Sakura Veganton, we're not eating animals anymore."

Just then entire people smiled at us.

I contacted Saks 5th Avenue Walt Whitman Mall branch and manager, Alicia Jamestone answered.

"Hello, Saks 5th Avenue, Walt Whitman Mall. This is Alicia Jamestone, manager speaking."

"Hello, this is Mary-Kate Francis." I said into phone.

"Hello, boss." Alicia said.

"As of today, me and my daughter are vegans." I said.

"Vegan for real?" Alicia asked.

"Yes." I said. "I'm asking you to cancel all shipments of fur coats and animal cruelty products."

"Why?" Alicia asked.

"For animals." I said matter-of-factory. "If you don't do as I said, I'll fire you."

"OK." Alicia said. "We will."

"Also gather up all that stuffs in store." I said seriously. "Put the notice I sent to you."

"OK." Alicia said. "We'll do it."

"Just remember, all Saks 5th Avenue employees are only allowed to eat vegan foods only."

"OK." Alicia said.




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