Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


20. Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Planet (Evil Nozomi speaking)

It was midnight of Tuesday.

Evil Miyuki Hoshizo the Bad End Happy, Evil Akane Hino the Bad End Sunny, Evil Yayoi Kise the Bad End Peace, Evil Nao Midorika the Bad End March, Reika Aoi the Bad End Beauty of Bad End Precure and our partners, Evil Rin Natsuki the Dark Rouge, Evil Urara Kasugano the Dark Lemonade, Evil Komachi Akimoto the Dark Mint, Evil Karen Minazuki the Dark Aqua and I, Evil Nozomi Yumehara the Dark Dream sneaked into Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Planet because our red eyes replaced with real vegan Smile Precure and Vegan YesPrecure. Our hearts are still evil carnivores.

We all sneak into corresponding rooms in mansion.

I sneak into Vegan Nozomi's room and sneak into kitchen and put some dairy into almondmilk, and soymilk, well as put some tiny beef pieces into vegan burger.

It will take one day to turn them into evil carnivore.

We went back to our Dark Kingdom to watch the scene through our TV.





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