Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


21. Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Kingdom (Vegan Nozomi speaking)

Wednesday morning.

I woke up and met with my best friends, Rin, Urara, Komachi, Karen. We had our delicious vegan breakfast.

"It's delicious." I said.

"Yeah." Rin said.

"It's great food." Urara said.

"It's great healthy food." Komachi and Karen said.

At lunch time, we had delicious vegan curry burger with soymilk.

At dinner time, we felt weird and evil.

"Im feeling evil." I said.

"Me, too."

At 11:45pm.

Cinderella came in and said, "It's Evil Beef Monster!"

"Let's transform girls!" I said.

"OK." Rin, Urara, Komachi, and Karen said together.

"The Great Power of Hope, Cure Dream!" I said as I transformed to Cure Dream.

"The Red Flame of Passion, Cure Rouge!" Rin said as she transformed to Cure Rouge.

"Effervescent Fragment of Lemon, Cure Lemonade!" Urara said as as she transformed to Cure Lemonade."

"Tranquility of the Green Earth, Cure Mint!" Komachi said as she transformed to Cure Mint.

"The Blue Spring of Intelligence, Cure Aqua!" Karen said as she transformed to Cure Aqua.

"The Blue Rose is The Mark of Secrets, Milky Rose!" Kurumi Mimino said as she transformed to Milky Rose.

We all said, "Yes Precure! GoGoGo!"

Then we also saw our Smile Precure friends transform as well.

"Twinkling, shining, light of the future! Cure Happy!" Miyuki transformed to Cure Happy.

"The brilliant sun, hot-blooded power! Cure Sunny!" Akane transformed to Cure Sunny.

"Sparkling, glittering, rock-paper-scissors! Cure Peace!" Yayoi transformed to Cure Peace.

"Intense courage, a straight up bout! Cure March!" Nao transformed to Cure March.

"Snowing, falling and gathering, a noble heart! Cure Beauty!" Reika transformed to Cure Beauty.

Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika said together, "Our five lights guide us to the future! Sparkle! Smile PreCure!"

At 11:55pm, all our vegan residents felt evil and we imagine beef monster was mock meat.

"Everyone, let's attack Beef monster." Miyuki said.

"Yeah, Cure Happy." I said.

At Thursday midnight, instead of attacking Evil Meat Monster, we started eating non-stop."

All vegan resident started eating evil beef monster and defeated.

"Ha, ha, ha." I said evilly. "We're all craving for animal and human bloods!"

"Yeah, Cure Dream." Miyuki said evilly. "Let's trick vegan."




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