Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


22. Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Kingdom (Sue speaking)

It was Thursday morning.

Canada Goose employees don't know what was happening. Nozomi and Miyuki appproached Kaori and Sue.

"Excuse me, can you all come with us?" they asked.


We followed them to Vegan Restaurant.

"This is our homemade vegan breakfast." Vegan Cinderella said.

"That looks delicious." I said. "Let's eat."

As Kaori and I started eating vegan breakfast, we felt evil meat took over our bodies.

"How is it?" Amo asked.

"It's good." Kaori and I said.

Then I started to imagine Jessica is beef and started hugging.

"Ouch! Jessica cried. "What are you doing?"

"Im hungry for human and animal blood." Kaori and I said evilly.

"Let's run." Amo said.

"No escape." Vegan Nozomi and Vegan Miyuki said evilly.

"We going to torture you all." I said evilly.

"Please Sue, stop." Jessica begged.

"No." Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Kingdom resident, Kaori and I said evilly. "We're going to eat you alive."





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