Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


67. Vegan Challenge Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Ki speaking)

I woke up Thursday morning. We only learn only people in South Korea and China are vegans, vegan only restaurants and animal rights activists.

When I saw diary, meat, beef, I remember I promised to eat vegan food for 7-days, so I threw away all animal foods.

Choi, Chang and I only ate water, vegetables and fruits for breakfast.

At Lunch time, we went to Loving Hut Smile Branch and we ordered Vegan Cheese Steak.

"This Vegan Cheese Steak is delicious than steak." I said.

"I agree too." Choi said.

"Also dinner with Kim Yunhee might be good test." Chang said. "To see if you could avoid eating animal cruelty."

"Yes." I said.

We ordered some takeout to go.

We finish our vegan lunch and spent time shooting targets at nearby gym.

It was dinner time, Choi, Chang and I were in regular restaurant with Kim which doesn't have any vegan options.

Kim already ordered food for us on 4 seat table. Food was all kinds of meats and vegetables, and milk, tea, water.

"Let's eat, Ki, Choi and Chang."  Kim said.

"OK." we said.

It was tempting to eat meat for my friend, but I remember I'll get cursed by vegan witch.

I grab the empty bowl and look inside vegetable and took out vegetables that on cheese and eggs. Choi and Chang did same thing as well. I don't want to get curse, so I only ate vegetables and water.

"Ki, what's wrong?" Kim asked me. "Why you not eating your steak? Don't you like it?"

"Sorry, Kim." I said. "I cannot explain to you, but I cannot eat steak anymore."

"Huh?" Kim asked, confuse. "Why?"

"I just cannot." I said.

Just then she noticed Choi and Chang was doing same thing.

"You wouldn't believe us, Kim."

"OK," Kim said. "I'll believe you because I'm your friend and teammate."

"Reason I cannot eat any animal cruelty product because two humans that made disguise as Choi and Chang made me eat a Burger King food with special seasoning that turned me into Korean Jindo Dog for one day. No one could understand me because I was only speaking dog language to them and I was locked in a cage and only dogs and cats could understand me. We were taken into puppymill in dog farm and I was almost boiled to death, and I yelled "I promise I wouldn't eat dog or cat meat anymore." I explained. "So Choi and Chang reveal their true identify and brought real them and I promise them only eat vegan foods and starting today, I have to eat vegan foods for 7-day challenge."

"Ha, ha, ha!" Kim laughed. "Good story."

"It's not joke, Kim." Choi said.

"Ki is serious." Chang said. "It's true story and real."

"We were locked up in vegan world." Choi said.

"Ok, ok!" Kim said.

"Also be careful." Chang said. "You could be next, Kim."

"Ok, ok." Kim said. "I'll your steaks than."

Choi, Chang and I smiled at each other and we were grad Kim finally believed us and she ate their steak.

"Thank you, Kim for eating our steak." I said.

"No problem." Kim said.

Choi, Chang came to our house to sleep over.

On Friday, we had Rice Burger Himiso for lunch and Huggers for dinner.

On Saturday, we ate lunch at Maji and dinner at Babone.

On Sunday, we had lunch and dinner at Ppuri.

On Monday, we ate lunch and dinner at Oh Se Gae Hyang.

On Tuesday, we ate lunch at Sancheon Korean Temple Cooking and dinner at Baru.

On Wednesday, we ate lunch at Seoul National University Market.

On dinner, we came to Plant Cafe.

Our waitress named Sari Yong Wang said, "May I take your order please?"

"Can I get Thai Peanut Soba Whole and Lentil's Veggie Burger with Chai Lotte, hot please." I said.

"I would like Temple Rainbow Ramp and Coffee." Chang said.

"I would like West African Peanut Stew and hot Chai Lotte please." Choi said.

"OK." San Yong said.

Soon our orders came in.

"This food is delicious ever." we said.

We went to sleep around 10pm.






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