Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


12. The Mall at Source & Saks Off 5th Av (Sue speaking)

At 7:50am, Mall at Source in Westbury was desserted. As I walk toward Saks Off 5th Av, our Sak 5th Av Branch store, I saw same message which Alicia had put up.

Sabina Lori open up the door to let me.

At 8:00am, our phone revealed our top secret agent.

"Sakura Veganton the Friendly Vegan Witch, Ana Francis and her mother, Mary-Kate."

Sakura, Ana and Mary-Kate entered together.

"Alicia Jamestone, the Saks 5th Av Walt Whitman Mall."

Alicia entered the store next.


"Yuka Morimoto and her adopted Korean Jindo Dog, Laura the Service Dog."

Yuka entered with her service dog, Laura.

Sabrina Lori put the notice. "Store will be delayed opening due to staff meeting."

Laura the Korean Jindo Dog said, "Thank you all for coming. Reason you all are choosen are for being companion for animals. As you may know, I was born in Dog Meat farm in South Korea, and I was adopted by wonderful Japanese girl, Yuka Morimoto, who has been vegan for centuries."

"Horrible." I said.

"As you may know dozens of animals are being killed for foods, dairy, and fashion." Yuka continued.

"We're join here today to do most dangerous secret mission." Laura said. "Any suggestion?"

"I have Canada Goose worker uniform from Toronto branch, so I could fit into SoHo store right in." I said.

"Then Sabrina and I come up to you to tell there will be fur bandits storming the store." Alicia said.

"Anna, Mary-Kate, Yuka and her service dog, Laura enters the storm together." Anna said.

"That's great plan." Laura said.

"Let's do on Sunday." I suggested. "I still have Canada Goose fur uniform with name tag on it. It has pocket."

"That's perfect." Laura said.

"Fur Bandit Operation, Canada Goose SoHo! FBO CGS." we all said together and shaked hand together.

"Before that, we take you to wonderful world called Vegan Kingdom." Laura said. "Please everyone hold hands."

Sakura hold hand with Anna, Anna hold hand with Mary-Kate, Mary-Kate hold hands with Alicia, Alicia hold hand with me, I hold hand with Sabina, Sabina holds hand with Yuka, then Yuka touches Laura, then Laura touches Sakura.

As we circled, we teleported to Vegan Kingdom.



















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