Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


61. South Korea (Doris- Chang speaking)

Ki Bo Bae didn't recognize we're imposters of Choi and Chang because we transformed exactly like them, but our hearts are still evil.

It was 10pm and we went to sleep.

Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock, Ki wake up.

Choi and I said, "Good morning, Ki."

"Good morning." Ki said.

Ki wash my hands at sink and made breakfast.

At breakfast time, Ki started eating like dog.

"Are you  OK?" I asked in Chang's voice.

"I'm fine." Ki said, still eating like a dog.

10 o'clock, Ki started playing with cat.

At lunch time at Burger King at Yongson Station, Ki was acting like dog but eating like human.

"Ki, we'll be back." I said in Chang's voice.

"We have to use restroom." Yuri said in Choi's voice.

"OK." Ki said.

As we headed into restroom, we noticed Ki turning into Korean Jindo Dog.







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