Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


47. Fantasy City (Nara speaking)

Susan, Mayu and I arrived inside castle in Fantasy City Whitehouse.

"Welcome to Fantasy City Whitehouse, Susan Vutcher, Mayu and Nara Sakamoto." man in suit said. "My name is John Topia. I'm president of Whitehouse and Spy Team."

"It's honor to meet you, Mr. Topia."

"Call me President John." John said.

"Yes, sir, President John."

"My daughter, Carmen Topia has been kidnapped by Evil Witch named Eva Eliv who lives in Dark Forest of no return." John said. "Here is her picture."

President John showed us picture of his daughter.

"That's so terrible." Susan said.

"How we could help?" Mayu and I asked together.

"You have been choosen to rescue my daughter." John said.

"It should be easy." we said.

"Not very easy." John said. "There has been rumor that people who went into Dark Forest of No Return came back us evil."

"That's so crazy." Susan said.

"Yes." John said. "Dark Forest of No Return is always night time."

"Take any weapons you need." John said.

"Yes, sir." we all said.

Susan, Mayu and Nara, we took the AK-47 gun, construction helmets with flashlight and we headed toward Dark Forest of No Return.







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