Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


54. Fantasy City (Mayu speaking)

Soon Carmen came out with fancy clothes with cruelty-free jacket and hat.

"My family is Vegan also." Carmen said evilly.

"Me, too." Susan, Nara and I said evilly together.

We went to exclusive Vegan Only Restaurant and it had sign:

"4 people?" Our waitress named Amanda Johnson asked.

"Yes, ma'am." we smile as we replied evilly. Amanda didn't seem to notice.

"Yes, please." we said evilly.

"OK." Amanda said. "Follow me, please."

We sit by the window overlooking beautiful animal sanctuaries operated by vegan.

We ordered vegan mock food pasta spagetti pizza.

As we were eating, two adults wearing Canada Goose fur trims, Doris and Yuri Park approach Vegan Restaurant.

"Excuse me, ladies!" Amanda said. "This restaurant is not open for fur wearers."

"This is unfair." Doris said.

"Can you let us in, please." Yuri Park asked politely.

"Ony if you could take fur trim off." Amanda stated.

"No way." Yuri. "We love this fur trim."

"Sorry we have no fur policy since this is vegan establishment." Amanda said.

As we overhead conversation, Eva and Divel contacted us through spagetti. Spagetti spelled, "YOU NOW HAVE OUR EVIL WITCH POWER. WE'RE EVIL VEGAN WITCH GIRLS.

We use evil vegan spell on entire people in Vegan Only Restaurant, including employees.

"We don't want any meat eaters eating our foods." other customers started to complain.

All customers agreed.

"See?" Amanda said.

"Can I see your manager, please."

"Sure." Amanda said. "Natalia Bond!"

Natalia Bond, the manager came but disgusted with fur trim and said, "What can I do for you?"

"My name is Yuri Park and this is my sister, Doris." Yuri said. "I would love to try vegan food, but Amanda refused us entry."

"That's right." Natalia said. "It's our policy. No fur entry allowed."

"Why?" Doris demanded.

"Look at all of us." Natalia pointed to her customers. Everyone who were dining wore disgusted face for fur wearers.

"Natalia, Amanda, I have idea." I said evilly.


I use my evil vegan witch power to cast spell on Canada Goose fur trim.

As soon as Yuri and Doris continue to argue with vegan manager, their fur trims were growing and forming shape of coyotes.


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