Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


39. Evil Slaughterhouse Castle (Amo speaking)

Sakura as Maria and I as Jessica were laying on cage.

Soon, Evil All Star Precure members bring us Trojan Cheeseburger.

"Evil Witch." Evil Mai said. "This was gift from Evil Planet."

"Open it." Evil Witch said.

As I opened, Vegans came out of Trojan Cheeseburger and we saw our friend, Angelica, John and Carmen come out from there. Sakura saw her friends too and they saw us and we play act.

"Help us." I said in Jessica's voice.

"We came to rescue you, Jessica and Maria."  Angelica said.

Our evil plan work because they don't seem to recognize we're Amo and Sakura."

"Thank you." Sakura said in Maria's voice.

"We going to defeat you Evil Witch." Anna said.

"Go ahead." Evil Witch said. "Fight with our Evil All Star Precures first.


All Evil Star Precures transfom and started acting Vegans and Vegans started using their fighting skill to defeat them.

Meanwhile, Angelica and John came to our cage and release the cage door.

"Thank you for rescuing us." I said in Jessica's voice.

"No problem." Angelica said.

"We need you to fight with us to defeat Evil Witch." John said.

"Sure." Sakura said in Maria's voice.

At that moment, Evil Witch's minions were defeated.

"Oh, Jessica, where's Amo and Sakura?"

"They're still in city." Sakura lied in Maria's voice. "Creating chaos."

"They'll turn back when we defeat them." I said in Jessica's voice.

"Now is final battle, Vegan." Evil Witch said. "Prepare for animal cruelty fight."

"You going to loose." Angelica said.

"Yeah.." John said.

"Let's do this, Vegan." I said in Jessica's voice.

Soon Evil Witch was getting very weak.

"Here eat this beef." John said as Vegans threw out Beef toward Evil Witch and we switched side immediately and said evilly in disguise.

"Not so first, vegans." I said in Jessica's voice.

"We not letting you kill her." Maria said in Sakura's voice.

"What are you doing, Jessica?" John said.

"Did they turn you Evil Vegan too?" I asked.

"No." Sakura said evilly in Maria's voice. "I not Maria."

"I not Jessica." I said evilly in Jessica's voice.

"What are you saying?" John said. "You're Jessica and Maria. Did they brainwash you?"

Sakura Vegaton reverse spell and we reveal our identify to reveal ourselves us Sakura and Amo.

"Jessica was Amo and Sakura was Maria." Angelica claimed.

:"Yes." I said evilly.

"We not letting you defeat our Witch." Sakura said evilly. "You have to go through us."

Then Sue join us too. "Defeat us.

"We don't want to fight you." Angelica said. "But we have no choice."

"Anna." Mary-Kate said.




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