Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


26. Evil Kingdom (Sue speaking)

"Your Evil Wicked Witch, I have master plan." I said evilly.

"What's your plan, Sue?"

"I could trick my Canada Goose friends." I said evilly.

"I'm sure Amo, Angelica, and John got help from Sakura Veganton, powerful vegan witch." Kaori said evilly.

"I'll sneak some of evil dairy piece before Veganton attacked me." I said evilly. "Then I'll pretend I'm back to normal vegan by eating vegan foods for 2-days." 

"That's great plan." Wicked Witch said.

"Other evil infested Vegan YesPrecure and SmilePrecure could replace their real version and attack like regular meat eaters because they turned into evil meat eater." I said evilly.

"Great plan." Vegan Nozomi said evilly.





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