Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


40. Evil Kingdom Slaughterhouse Castle (Anna speaking)

When Amo and Sakura were battling, I sneak vegan dairy-free Ice Cream Cookie disguise as Beef and I put it on Evil Witch's mouth.

"Eat it witch."

"That beef looks delicious." Evil Witch said.

Then Evil Witch started eating.

"No!!" Evil Witch said. "This not meat. It's vegan dessert! I'll be tricked.

As Evil Witch defeated, Amo, Sue, and Sakura became back to Vegan and soon they reunite with our friends.

All Vegan Fairy Tale Anime Planet resident return to vegans.

"It good to be back, Angelica." Amo said.

"We have to get Jessica and Maria."

"Follow us." Vegan Mirai the Cure Magical said.

We followed her and we reunite with Jessica and Maria.

"From this torture experience of our vegan friends becoming evil meat monsters, I'm never going to eat animal products again."

"Yeah." Maria said. "We going to be vegan and all our Canada Goose stores too."

At that moment Evil Kingdom was falling apart.

"Let's leave!" Vegan All Star Precure said. "It going to collasped."

Vegan YesPrecure and Vegan Sailor Scouts help us escape to our non-vegans."

"After this incident, we going to release animals back to wild." Ringling Brother Circus manager said. "It was scariest monsters ever fighting with Meat Monsters."

"I completely agreed." Cole Brother Circus manager said.

"Me, too." UniverSoul Circus manager said. "After this we're not going to eat animal products anymore."

"Yes." Bronx Zoo Keepers said. "We going to be vegan."

"We'll stop hunting animals too." Hunters and poachers said.

"We'll stop fishing." Fishermen said. "We all going to vegan."

"Us too." Meat Industry employees said.


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