Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


57. Dark Forest of No Return (Yuri speaking)

Doris and I followed Carmen, Susan, Mayu and Nara inside Dark Forest of No Return. Soon as we enter, we felt evil sensation.

Soon we came to Cabin and I empty my tote bag.

"Yuri, can you please get some foods from a farm?" Carmen asked politely in evil voice. "It's deeper in forest."

"Sure." I said.

"There's water sink by farm too." Susan said evilly.

So I left the cabin and headed deeper into forest and found the vegetable and fruit farms with sink.

I put vegetables and fruits into my tote bag and washed all.

I tasted one tomato, cucumber, potato, watermelon and strawberry. As I tasted them, evil sensation took over my body.

"Im evil now." I said evilly. "I have to trick Doris too."

I purposely drop my our home key.

I went back in the cabin and Doris asked me, "How was fruits and vegetables?"

"I got a lot." I said evilly.

"Now you sound Evil, too." Doris stated.

"Don't worry. You know I never become evil." I said evilly.

"OK." Doris said. "Are you ready to go home?"

"Yes." I said evilly.

Just then I look into my pocket and I said evilly. "I drop our house key outside."

"I get it." Doris said and she left cabin.








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