Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


58. Dark Forest of No Return (Doris speaking)

I was outside looking for our house key. As I was looking for our house key, I was covered by evil sensation.

Just then I found it.

"Im Evil, now." I said evilly.

"Yuri, I found our key." I said evilly. "Maybe let sleep here overnight."

"Good idea." Susan, Mayu and Nara said evilly.

Next morning, we woke up more evilly.

"Let's go to secret control room." Carmen said evilly.

"OK." I said.

Carmen, Susan, Mayu, Nara, Yuri and we went inside to secret control room where we met evil vegan witches, Eva and Divel Eliv..

"Hello, Eva and Divel Evil." I said evilly. "It's pressure to meet you."

"You, too." Eva  said. "We're Evil Vegan Witches and we're created special teleporter to real world."

"Is it because of awful industries that didn't help defeat the Evil Witch from Dark Slaughterhouse Kingdom?" Carmen asked.

"Yup." Divel said.

"We're from real world." Susan, Mayu and Nara said evilly."Let us add something." Mayu said. She type in laptop and voice said, "Evil Teleporter Teleportation to Real World completed. Foreign translations completely."

"That's good idea." Carmen said evilly.


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