Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


49. Dark Forest of No Return- 1-story house (Carmen speaking)

I woke up evilly next morning.

"Good morning, Eva." I said evilly.

"How do you feeling, Carmen?" Eva asked.

"I'm in mood for evil." I said evilly.

"I think your father properly got new helpers." Divel said.

"How about I still pretend to be normal and act like I'm still hostage." I suggested evilly.

"That's great idea." Eva said. "Can you say help?"

"Help!" my voice sounded evil.

"You voice sounds evil." Eva said.

"If you get rescue and properly new helpers properly don't know your voice." Divel said.

"My father might notice." I said evilly.

"Tell your father that your voice sounds evil because I was trapped in stuffy house, etc." Eva said.

"That's great idea." I said evilly. "Even thought I turned Evil, I could still act like normal nice person."

"I contact you our plan." Eva said.


Eva and Divel tight me up in their house and they went to their secret hideout control room to watch me from CCTV.



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