Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


3. Columbus Circle Whole Food Market (Sakura speaking)

As we walk through meat-seafood area, they cried loudly that confuse security.

"Is anyone protesting inside using the Iphone?" security asked.

No one answered.

"Mom, can we try Vegan Foods too?" Anna pleaded.

"Sure." Mary-Kate said. "After that meat crying, I want to eat Vegan Foods too."

At pizza department, Mary-Kate ordered big Vegan Cheese Pie and got us Honest Teas.

At sitting area, Mary-Kate and Anna said, "This is delicous vegan cheese pizza I ever tasted."

"Thank you for eating vegan foods with me." I said.

"No problem." Mary-Kate and Anna said.

We had conversation and Mary-Kate said, "I work as CEO of Saks 5th Av on weekend and employee at Bloomingdale's on weekdays."

"OK." I said.

It was about 5pm.

"I'm going back to work." Mary-Kate said. "My evening shift starts at 6pm."

"Thank you for offering me Vegan lunch." I said.

"No problem." Mary-Kate said. "It was my pleasure to offer you Vegan Lunch."

"Thank you, Sakura." Anna said.

"Can we hug you, Sakura?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Sure." I said.

Sakura and Anna hugged me and I hugged them back.

"Goodbye." I said. "It was pleasure to meet you."

"Goodbye." Anna and Mary-Kate left.


I went back to my business around 59th St.







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